Members of Board

Chairman & CEO

Rudolph Gentile

Executive Director

Simone Gamba

Non-Executive Director

Roberto Mosca

Non-Executive Director

Nicola De Biase

Non-Executive Director

Luca Galea

Indipendent Director *

Edoardo Zarghetta

*Director with the independent requirements pursuant to Article 148, paragraph 3, of Legislative decree 58/98

Members of the board of statutory Auditors


Alessandro Pacieri

Statutory Auditor

Paolo Natalini

Statutory Auditor

Davide Balducci

Alternate Auditor

Cosimo Pergola

Alternate Auditor

Andrea De Nigris

Articles of Association

Articles of Association of S.p.A.


Nomad communication procedure

Procedure for operations with related parties

Procedure for the management and processing of Inside Information

Regulations for Insiders Registry

Internal Dealing procedure


Regolamento Warrant

KID Warrant

Auditing company

Audirevi srl

Related Party Committee

Alessandro Pacieri

Edoardo Zarghetta

Responsible for safety and security

Rudolph Gentile

Responsible for privacy

Rudolph Gentile

Corporate event

24 September 2019

Board of Directors for the approval of the half-year financial report at June 30, 2019

29 - 30 April 2019

(1st and 2nd call): Ordinary Shareholders’ Meeting for the approval of the 2018 financial statements

27 March 2019

Board of Directors for the approval of the draft financial statements for 2018

25 September 2018

The Board of Directors’ meeting to approve the half-yearly financial statemnts of 30 june 2018



Annual financial report as of 31/12/2018 of the S.p.A.


Half year Report of SosTravel S.p.A.


Pro-forma financial statement as of 31/12/2017


Annual financial report as of 31/12/2017 of the S.p.A.


01/08/2018 S.p.A. presentation



Ricerca S.p.A. EQUITY COMPANY NOTE UPDATE - Banca Finnat.


Ricerca S.p.A. INITIATION OF COVERAGE - Banca Finnat.


Ricerca S.p.A. IPO - Banca Finnat.

Shareholding structure

RG Holding S.r.l. (1)

No. of owned shares


% of share capital


TraWell Co S.p.A.



Free Float






Data updated as of 12 August 2018

(1) Company controlled by Rudolph Gentile.

Number of issued shares


Primary consultants


Nomad Global Coordinator Specialist








For the circulation of regulated information, Ltd. has chosen to use the 1INFO system ( which is managed by Computershare Ltd. with its headquarters in Milan, via Lorenzo Mascheroni 19, authorised by CONSOB.

Minimum lot of negotiation


Disclosure Obligations of Significant Shareholders

In accordance with the AIM Italia Regulation, anyone who holds more than 5% of a category of financial instruments of Ltd. is a ‘Significant Shareholder’. If the 5% figure is exceeded, and the reaching or exceeding of the 5% 10% 15% 20% 25% 30% 50% 66.6% and 90% figure takes place, a ‘Substantial Change’ is considered to have been effected, which must be communicated to the Significant Shareholders of Ltd.. To this end, within 5 days of negotiating, starting from the day in which the operation which has led to the Substantial Change has taken place, the Significant Shareholder must communicate to Ltd. the identity of the Significant Shareholders involved, the date in which the Ltd. has been informed, the date in which the Substantial Change has taken place, the price, the sum, the category of financial instruments involved, the nature of the operation and level of the involvement of the Significant Shareholder. The communication can be sent using this form, sent to the address, Faxed to +39 0331 1582452 and then sent by recorded mail to: Ltd. – via Olona 183/G – 21013 Gallarate – Varese

Shareholders' Meeting

Report of the sostravel ordinary assembly of April 29th 2019

Convocation for the sostravel meeting of the 29th and 30th of April 2019 appeared on the Sole24Ore on April 12th 2019

Minutes of the ordinary shareholders’ meeting of at 10 may 2018



Sostravel: change in Significant Shareholders in compliance with AIM Italia Regulations following the distribution of the dividend in kind of the parent company TraWell Co S.p.A.


Sostravel: launch of the period of allocation of bonus shares to eligible parties


Sostravel signs a co-marketing agreement with Huawei


Sostravel acquires the main assets of its competitor Flio


Sostravel: Closure of the first operating period of the S.p.A. 2018-21 Warrant


Sostravel: opening of the first operating period of the S.p.A. Warrant 2018-21

29/04/2019 shareholders’ Meeting approves the financial statements as at 31 December 2018

18/04/2019 agreement with Conti Travel the Italian leader of business travel


Sostravel: filing of draft financial statements for 2018, Board of Statutory Auditors and auditing company reports

27/03/2019 Press release on 2018 financial statement. Turnover and EBITDA in line with expectations, growth in users and installs

14/12/2018 has confirmed the launch of the new version of its APP on 15 December 2018


The board of directors approves the half-year financial report as of 30 June 2018

02/08/2018 has obtained the status of Innovative PMI (Innovative Small-Medium-Sized Enterprise)

30/07/2018 has published the notice of admission to dealing planned for 1st August 2018


Joint press release from Safe Bag and



Il Messaggero: Sostravel acquisisce assets principali del concorrente Flio


MF: Sostravel festeggia l’acquisto di Flio 17 07 2019


Corriere della Sera: Le locomotive del Nord-Ovest


La Prealpina: La prima App in Borsa viaggia nel Varesotto

01/08/2018 Gentile, vogliamo crescere per acquisizioni

01/08/2018 debutta su AIM Italia, raccolti 5,2 mln

01/08/2018 debutta su AIM Italia, raccolti 5,2 mln

01/08/2018 benvenuta su AIM Italia: 5.2 mln euro raccolti nel collocamento

01/08/2018 (Aim) – Approda oggi in Borsa

01/08/2018 entra in Borsa


Borsa Italiana dà il benvenuto su AIM Italia a

01/08/2018 Sostravel è la prima App italiana quotata in Borsa


Corriere della sera: si quota all’Aim


Libero: Domani debutta Sostravel prima app quotata in Italia


ItaliaOggi: al debutto domani su Aim


Sole 24 ore: La controllata presenta domanda per l’AIM


AF : I cieli in un’app: c’è tutto quel che serve per vola


libero: Safe Bag raddoppia e porta in Borsa Sos Travel

06/07/2018 SOS Travel (Aim) ? Un progetto con ampi spazi di crescita


MF: L’app degli aeroporti vuole decollare dall’AIM


MF: Dopo Safe Bag anche Sos verso l’AIM


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The Investor Relations team is at your disposal to answer questions about SosTravel S.p.A..’s strategy, and about the company’s business, financial and economic aspects

Nicola De Biase
Investor Relations and Corporate Finance

Registered and Administrative Office
Via Olona 183/G 21013 Gallarate (Va)
tel +39 0331 1587117 fax +39 0331 1582452.

E-mail: S.p.A. inform that for the circulation of regulated information, Ltd. has chosen to use the 1INFO system (, which is managed by Computershare Ltd. with its headquarters in Milan, via Lorenzo Mascheroni 19, authorised by CONSOB.