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What does the busiest day for commercial aviation mean for luggage?

July 6 was the busiest day for commercial aviation ever tracked. Flightradar24 reported 134,386 commercial flights on the day.   The rebound in air travel in 2023 exceeded expectations, and it’s due to smash the already high 3.42 billion passengers traveling on planes in...


During the travel experience weekend held at the Janna e Sole Resort in Budonfrom 5 to 7 May 2023, a consultation was conducted on the forward-looking vision for the future of tour operating.

Your Luggage Defines You: What Is Your Hidden Travel Personality?

Are you a chic, organized traveler or a jet setting adventurer? Here’s the complete rundown of what your luggage says about the kind of traveler you are.

The Most Original Signs You See in the World of Travel

In travel you may run across some of these strange and sometimes silly signs but it’s important to learn why we need to pay attention to them!

How Travel Has Changed Over the Past Decades

Can you imagine a world where you can’t just book a flight from your smartphone? It wasn’t that long ago that this was the reality for travelers. Lets try to remember how journeys used to be and discover how much and what has changed in recent decades!

Explore the world with photography

A new point of view in exploring the world while staying at home: a visual tour through a camera lens! Don’t you think it’s possible? If you have “eyes to see” you can find it out by yourself and this way travel with and photography.

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Music to travel: playlist to travel around the world

Just make yourself comfortable, close your eyes and trust in the best travel mate: the music. So here the best playlists selected for you by to travel from home.

Books and TV series to travel from home without borders wants to be close to you in this difficult period and offer you a bit of leisure and escape to stay always at high altitude!In fact, last time we had a special virtual appointment to explore the most beautiful artworks and monuments of the world sitting comfortably on...

A virtual tour: visit these tourist attractions from your home

Today we will take you around the world in a slightly different way. Have you ever tried to visit a monument from home? Well yes, it’s real. You can do that!

KEEP CALM, stay at home and cook Burritos

oday, has decided to take you to Mexico with its special recipes on the tortillas base. Stay calm, stay home and try to cook delicious Burritos too!

Coronavirus or Covid-19 pandemic News Update background concept.

Covid-19: Updates and guidelines for travellers

Considering the delicate historical moment that humanity is experiencing due to the acclaimed health emergency from COVID-19, continues to show its proximity to its customers through a series of news, updates and useful tips for those who find themselves forced to travel...

Food Travel Experience: paella, the Queen of Spain

In our last appointment, we left an unspoiled paradise, the beautiful Kimberley region of Australia behind us. For today wants to excite you with new and sensational destinations that we are sure will activate your taste buds. Are you ready to immerse yourself in a new...