A virtual world: visit these tourist attractions without leaving your couch

Today we will take you around the world in a slightly different way. Have you ever tried to visit a monument from home? Well yes, it’s real. You can do that!

KEEP CALM, stay at home and cook Burrito

oday, sostravel.com has decided to take you to Mexico with its special recipes on the tortillas base. Stay calm, stay home and try to cook delicious Burritos too!

Updates and guidelines for travellers, at the time of Covid-19

Considering the delicate historical moment that humanity is experiencing due to the acclaimed health emergency from COVID-19, sostravel.com continues to show its proximity to its customers through a series of news, updates and useful tips for those who find themselves forced to travel...

Food Travel Experience: paella, the Queen of Spain

In our last appointment, we left an unspoiled paradise, the beautiful Kimberley region of Australia behind us. For today sostravel.com wants to excite you with new and sensational destinations that we are sure will activate your taste buds. Are you ready to immerse yourself in a new...

Kimberley, an uncontaminated paradise

The month of February is about to end and with it the many travel tips that have accompanied us. For this last appointment, sostravel.com will take you to one of the most beautiful places in Australia: the Kimberley region. Kimberley, the Australian outback Three times the size...

Discovering Amsterdam, the Venice of Northern Europe

One of the most beautiful locations in Northern Europe called the “Venice of the North” thanks to the blue waters of its canals that will immerse you in a magical post-impressionist atmosphere!

Valentine’s Day in Menorca: exciting and romantic couple experiences

A beautiful island, pearl of the Balearics, enjoys a unique and irresistible charm because of its suggestive beaches with crystal clear waters and its natural and wild views.

Washington D.C., a diplomatic city (but not too much!)

Washington D.C. is located in Maryland and more precisely in the District of Columbia, known worldwide for the White House, the seat of the American presidency, in reality its beauty goes beyond its institutional charm.

Finland: a journey through nature, saunas and happiness

A place that has won the title of the happiest country to live in the world

Discovering Seoul, between innovation and tradition

Here we are with the third appointment for January, a month full of tips to make your travels epic, considering it is always the right time to pack your suitcase and explore new lands. For this reason, sostravel.com is ready to take you on the discovery of a new destination that has a...

Eritrea: travelling to the heart of the Horn of Africa

Last week, we guided you on a unique and unrepeatable journey to discover Armenia making you appreciate a magical land full of epic and evocative experiences. Are you ready to experience new strong emotions? sostravel.com takes you to the heart of the Horn of Africa, Eritrea, the...

Armenia: a land of epic experiences

We have left another year behind us, a 2019 that we ended recommending the best destinations for your Christmas holidays. We want to start the new year in the best way by immersing you, with the passion that distinguishes us, in unique and unrepeatable trips, always rich in epic...