Safari: an experience to rediscover contact with nature

Today, changes continent and lands in Africa bringing you to the discovery of one of the journeys that most tourists dream of doing once in their lifetime: the safari.

How to make your trip to Tenerife unique continues its journey helping you discover the experiences that will make your travels unique.

Discovering Malta and its multicultural cuisine

Malta as a summer destination for you, making it the right choice if you want to combine sea, tradition and food; three elements that make each travel experience unique.

Lanzarote, the wild island

The archipelago consists of seven islands and today we will focus on Lanzarote, the wildest of them all.

Capri, an island between sea and legends

The Isle of Capri, one of the most beautiful islands overlooking the splendid Gulf of Naples

Marrakech: colors, traditions and Moroccan culture in a city in continuous evolution

Marrakech a city characterized by tradition, good weather and colors, to the point of being named “the city of four colors”

Salento: land of sun, sea and legends

Salento: a land of art, culture, sea and tradition: the perfect mix for a totally relaxing holiday.

Mallorca an island of art, sun and sea‘s journey continues to the isle considered queen of the Balearics: the island of Majorca. Port de Sóller, Maiorca This island in which predominant colors are the blue of the sea, the green of nature and the white of the beaches composed of fine and soft sand,...

Wales, a land of adrenaline adventures and enchanting landscapes

A land characterized by exceptional beauty, delicate valleys, national parks and mountains that create breathtaking views.

The Turquoise Coast: a journey in the crystal clear and incredibly turquoise sea

The Turquoise coast is therefore an excellent destination easily accessible and suitable for sea lovers but also for those who want to combine culture and relax.

Santorini: a volcano of beauty

Santorini: an island where sand, water and air come together to create an atmosphere worthy of note!

Scents and colors of Provence

June has just ended. Summer has now officially begun and with it the first summer trips to get away from the usual routine after a very busy year. Whether you love journeys in total relax on crystal-clear beaches or trips full of adventure and adrenaline, the world is full of...