Discovering Seoul, between innovation and tradition

Here we are with the third appointment for January, a month full of tips to make your travels epic, considering it is always the right time to pack your suitcase and explore new lands. For this reason, is ready to take you on the discovery of a new destination that has a...

Eritrea: travelling to the heart of the Horn of Africa

Last week, we guided you on a unique and unrepeatable journey to discover Armenia making you appreciate a magical land full of epic and evocative experiences. Are you ready to experience new strong emotions? takes you to the heart of the Horn of Africa, Eritrea, the...

Armenia: a land of epic experiences

We have left another year behind us, a 2019 that we ended recommending the best destinations for your Christmas holidays. We want to start the new year in the best way by immersing you, with the passion that distinguishes us, in unique and unrepeatable trips, always rich in epic...

The most beautiful Atolls for your holiday in the Maldives

Here we are with a new appointment for’s journey to the destinations that will allow you to spend your Christmas holidays nice and warm. A “different” Christmas is an idea that everyone takes on sooner or later, so why not take advantage of our advice?...

Tulum: a land to be discovered for a warm Christmas

Mexico has always been one of the favorite destinations for all the lovers of sea and relax but at the same time it is one of the lands where history can be found anywhere between rocks, leaves and streams that populate Mexico.

New Year in New York: cruises, light balls and parties

Skyscrapers, music, fireworks, Times Square and the light ball, there are many events organized in the city for New Year’s Eve…

Discovering Bangkok: the perfect destination for a roaring New Year’s Eve

The wonderful eastern metropolis that will let you live a truly unique and unforgettable experience and begin the new year in a great way

Discovering the “Super” Christmas in Milan: between Christmas villages and multiculturalism

Milan, a city that hosts many events for Christmas (and not only during this time) that will make your stay in the city pleasant.

Christmas markets and a magical atmosphere – Part 2

Are you ready to continue this wonderful journey through Christmas with lights and sweet melodies? All you have to do is let yourself be carried away by the magical atmosphere and follow the journey of

Christmas markets with a magical atmosphere

Close your eyes and imagine the streets of your city with lights and decorations, the shop windows, the joy in the eyes of children … Now you can open your eyes: Christmas is on its way!

The origins of Halloween and the most beautiful traditions from around the world

Trick or treat? For Halloween, the most “terrifying” event of the year, takes you around the world to discover some of the most beautiful and terrifying traditions.

Discovering Queensland, the Sunshine State of Australia

Queensland is the most famous and touristic state of the Australian continent, full of fantastic natural landscapes, tropical beaches, rainforests and inland dry areas.