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Cala brandinchi

North-East: Costa Smeralda and the Maddalena Archipelago

Among the must-see destinations, Costa Smeralda stands out for its unique beauty and its chic locations such as San Teodoro, Porto Cervo, and Porto Rotondo. This area is renowned for its fine white sandy beaches, crystal-clear sea water, and unspoiled nature.

Amareclub Le Rose e Amareclub Janna ‘e Sole are ideal starting points to explore this part of the island.

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Costa Smeralda & San Teodoro

La Cinta

La Cinta is undoubtedly the most famous beach in San Teodoro and the first destination we recommend to those arriving in Olbia for the first time, as it is one of the gems of this part of Sardinia. A stretch of fine white sand, turquoise water, and the scents of the Mediterranean scrub: juniper, sea lily, and helichrysum, which bloom on the dunes and adorn a landscape that has remained pure despite being visited by many tourists each year. (Choosing l’Amareclub Le Rose you will have the beach umbrella included).

Cala Brandinchi

The brightest gem of San Teodoro, one of the most famous beaches in the world, is located in the Tavolara Marine Protected Area. It will leave a lasting impression at first sight, dazzled by the whiteness of the sand and the deep turquoise of the sea. You will feel like you are in Polynesia or the Caribbean, and it’s no coincidence that it is called ‘Little Tahiti’.

Capo Ferro

Another noteworthy location is Capo Ferro, a rocky promontory near Porto Cervo. This scenic point offers breathtaking views and is dominated by a picturesque lighthouse. It is an ideal place to admire the coastal landscape and take spectacular photographs.

Porto Cervo

Porto Cervo, the heart of Costa Smeralda, was developed in the 1960s by Prince Karim Aga Khan. This location has become famous for its luxury marina, exclusive boutiques, and renowned restaurants. Its architecture is characterized by a typical Mediterranean style, with white buildings and terracotta roofs that blend perfectly with the surrounding landscape.(Sardegna)​​

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Villas and VIPs

Costa Smeralda is known for hosting some of the most exclusive villas in Italy, frequented by international celebrities and prominent figures. This tradition of high-level hospitality has contributed to making the area synonymous with luxury and sophistication. Often hidden among the Mediterranean vegetation, the villas offer privacy and comfort, attracting distinguished visitors each year. (Sardegna).

Aerial view over Alghero old town, cityscape Alghero view on a beautiful day with harbor and open sea in view. Alghero, Italy. Panoramic aerial view of Alghero, Sardinia, Italy.

North-West: Alghero, Stintino e Sassari

Alghero, known as “Little Barcelona,” is a blend of history, culture, and natural beauty. It offers a lively town and stunning beaches, such as the Bastioni Beach and the Neptune’s Grotto, which attract numerous visitors each year. The Amarestyle Baia di Conte, just 15 minutes from Alghero and nestled within the Capo Caccia marine reserve, is the ideal solution for exploring these locations.


Porto Conte and Capo Caccia

Parco Naturale Regionale di Porto Conte: Porto Conte Bay is located within the Regional Natural Park, a nature reserve that offers a wide variety of flora and fauna. The park is ideal for nature lovers and offers numerous trails for hiking and birdwatching.

Grotte di Nettuno: Near Capo Caccia, Neptune’s Grotto is a complex of spectacular sea caves accessible by boat or via a long staircase. These caves are famous for their impressive stalactites and stalagmites and represent one of the most fascinating natural attractions in the region.

Capo Caccia, Sardinia

Mugoni and the Spiaggia di Mugoni

Located a short distance from Porto Conte Bay, Mugoni Beach is known for its calm and crystal-clear waters, ideal for families with children. The beach is surrounded by a pine forest that provides shade and is a perfect spot for picnics and relaxation.

Riserva Marina di Capo Caccia – Isola Piana

This marine protected area is a paradise for diving and snorkelling enthusiasts. The waters around Capo Caccia are rich in marine life and offer some of the best diving spots in Sardinia. The area is also famous for red coral fishing, a traditional activity of Alghero.

La Maddalena Boats Aerial

Arcipelago della Maddalena

The Maddalena Archipelago is a paradise for those who love snorkeling and idyllic beaches. This protected area offers incredibly clear waters and a more relaxed atmosphere compared to the busier resorts of Costa Smeralda. L’Amareclub Red Sun is ideally located for those who wish to explore this archipelago comfortably in a day.


Isola Rossa

Origin of the Name: Isola Rossa owes its name to the red color of its granite rocks, which are particularly striking at sunset, creating a unique and captivating landscape for visitors.

Torre Aragonese: Built in the 16th century to defend the coast from pirate raids, this tower offers a spectacular panoramic view of the coast and th


Trinità d’Agultu and Vignola

Trinità d’Agultu: A relatively new municipality, yet rich in history and culture. The village, located at an altitude of 365 meters, overlooks a vast coastal area, making it a popular destination for summer holidays.


 Li Canneddi Beaches and La Marinedda

Li Canneddi: Located just 500 meters from Red Sun, this beach is characterized by transparent waters that vary between green and blue. It is an ideal place to relax and enjoy the wild beauty of Sardinia.

La Marinedda: One of the most beautiful beaches in northern Sardinia, La Marinedda is accessible via a shuttle service from Amareclub Red Sun. Here, visitors can rent canoes, pedal boats, and dinghies, and enjoy a wide range of water sports.

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Golfo dell’Asinara

Biodiversity: The Gulf of Asinara, which extends near Isola Rossa, is known for its rich marine biodiversity. This gulf is perfect for snorkeling and diving enthusiasts, offering clear waters and a wide variety of marine life.


Open Air Activities

Snorkeling and Diving: The staff at Red Sun organizes numerous activities, including snorkeling and diving, allowing visitors to explore the underwater wonders of the region. (Villaggi Sardegna al Mare)

Horseback Riding and Hiking: For those who prefer staying on land, horseback riding and walks along coastal trails are available, offering panoramic views and direct contact with nature.(Amare.travel)

Cost of Sardinia: Peninsula of Punta Molentis. View of beautiful beach at Punta Molentis, Villasimius, Sardinia, Italy. Beautiful bay with sandy beach at Punta Molentis, Sardinia island, Italy.

South-East: Cagliari, Villasimius and Costa Rei

The South Coast, with locations such as Villasimius and Porto Giunco Beach, is ideal for those seeking less crowded yet equally spectacular beaches, with fine sand and transparent waters. L’Amarestyle Colostrai is perfect for those who want to explore this quieter yet breathtaking area of Sardinia.

Costa Rei and its Beaches

The Costa Rei area, near Amarestyle Colostrai, is famous for its spectacular beaches, such as Cala Sinzias and Scoglio di Peppino. The latter features a whale-shaped granite formation, named after a local fisherman, Peppino, who had a special connection with this rock during his fishing trips. The legend of Peppino adds a touch of charm to this already enchanting place (Costa Rei : il Mare, la Spiaggia).

Colonia Penale di Castiadas

An interesting historical stop near Muravera is the Castiadas Penal Colony, a building from 1877 that once housed semi-free prisoners engaged in reclaiming the area’s malaria-infested swamps. Today, this site has been transformed into a cultural center and museum, offering insight into the region’s history and the living conditions of the inmates who worked there.(SardegnaTurismo).

Torre di Cala Pira

In the bay of Cala Pira, a small inlet surrounded by dunes and fragrant junipers, stands an Aragonese tower that dominates the landscape. This historic tower not only offers a spectacular view of the bay and the crystal-clear sea but also provides a glimpse into Sardinia’s military history, having been used in the past to spot potential enemy incursions.(SardegnaTurismo).

Cala Pira beach and tower, with white sand and crystal clear water. Castiadas, Sardinia, Italy

Sarrabus and the Sette Fratelli’s Park

The Sarrabus region is characterized by the Sette Fratelli mountain range, a protected natural area recommended for hiking and relaxing walks. This reserve is an oasis of biodiversity, with trails that wind through lush hills and offer spectacular views of the sea and the surrounding mountains. (SardegnaTurismo)​​ (Costa Rei : il Mare, la Spiaggia).

Golfo di Orosei

With its towering cliffs and beaches accessible only by sea, it is a perfect destination for outdoor adventure enthusiasts. Cala Mariolu is among the most famous beaches and has recently been awarded the title of the second most beautiful beach in the world. It is ideal for those seeking sea excursions and exciting dives. L’Amarestyle Colostrai provides an excellent base for exploring these unique beauties.

Sa Colonia beach, Chia resort, Sardinia, Italy.

South-West: Chia, Pula and Sant’Antioco

This corner of Sardinia is one of the destinations that make it a premier spot for beach vacations, offering a wide range of experiences that satisfy both those seeking luxury and those who prefer the wild nature.

Pula and Nora:

Just 11km from the Amareclub Rocca Dorada, Pula is a town rich in history and culture. Here lies the ancient city of Nora, an important Phoenician and Roman archaeological site. Nora is famous for its mosaics, theatre, and Roman baths. The ruins overlook the sea, offering a spectacular view and an immersion into the ancient history of Sardinia.


Chia, about 15 minutes away, is known not only for its stunning beaches but also for its Aragonese tower. The Chia Tower, built in the 17th century, was used to protect the coast from pirate incursions. From here, you can enjoy a breathtaking panoramic view of the entire coastline.


Near Chia, Tuerredda Beach is often compared to the Caribbean for its crystal-clear waters and white sand. It is also a place of historical interest, as remains of Nuragic settlements have been found nearby, testifying to the ancient civilizations that inhabited Sardinia.

Strand auf Sardinien

Monte Arcosu

A short distance away is the WWF Monte Arcosu Nature Reserve, the largest protected nature reserve managed by WWF in Italy. This park offers a wide range of hiking trails, where you can spot Sardinian deer and admire the local flora and fauna.



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