Lost Luggage Concierge Index: Luggage Safety Improves Across Airlines and Destinations

  • Worst destination in network Luanda – LAD, Angola
  • Airline involved in the most claims: Air France
  • Percentage of claims involving a connection: 79%
  • 83% of flights had one connection, 15% had two, and 2% had three.
  • 39% of all claims were for Lost Luggage, 56% for Delayed Luggage, and 6% for Delayed and Damaged Luggage.

The period analyzed is from November 13, 2023, to January 13, 2024, including Thanksgiving in the United States and Christmas and New Year holidays worldwide.

Analyzing the data with the summer of 2023, the following trends emerge:

Africa is the most dangerous region for luggage.

Africa and the Middle East lead with 36% of incidents, suggesting significant challenges in baggage management and security protocols. Europe, including Russia, accounts for 27% of reimbursements, and Central and South America represents 15%, indicating a moderate risk level. South America follows closely with 16%, while North America and Asia are the least affected regions, with 11% each, potentially reflecting more robust baggage management systems.


Low-cost airlines are no longer riskier.

Data indicating that only 16% of luggage incidents involved low-cost carriers dispel the common prejudice that they are less reliable regarding baggage safety. This emphasizes that airport operations are crucial in baggage management, more so than airlines, and that the airline ticket cost has a lesser impact on baggage safety than the quality of airport infrastructure and operations.


Connections are the real problem.

The winter break saw 74% of luggage problems on flights with layovers, a decrease from the summer (79%). Within the data related to connections, most (83%) involved only one layover. The propensity for luggage mishaps increased with the number of connections, highlighting the added complexity of each transit point.’s Edoardo Zarghetta commented: “’s Lost Luggage Concierge Index suggests a correlation between the complexity of travel itineraries and efficiency in baggage management, with connecting flights representing a significant risk.”

Zarghetta concluded: “Comparing the luggage problems reported in the summer of 2023 and the winter reveals a slight improvement in the global situation, and that despite the persistence of risks of damage, loss, or delay, the situation is improving.”

For a detailed comparison, please review the summer data on

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