Dr. Travel – your h24 doctor on vacation with you

1 What is the primary goal of the new service?

Dr. Travel is a telemedicine service launched by Sostravel.com, designed to provide immediate medical assistance to travelers worldwide. Sostravel.com‘s aim has always been to use technology to solve travelers’ unexpected problems. The idea for Dr. Travel emerged from the management’s shared experiences. As travel enthusiasts and frequent business travelers, we have found ourselves in situations where we wished for an easy and quick consultation with a doctor for advice or a brief consultation without having to go to the emergency room and wait for hours. Upon analysing the issue, we realized that most passengers experience minor health complications while traveling, which do not require emergency procedures but can be resolved with a quick consultation with a doctor.


2 What are the main features and benefits offered by the service?

Dr. Travel provides immediate medical assistance to travelers worldwide, offering video visits with doctors and pediatricians available 24/7 at a fixed cost of 10€ per call. The service ensures the provision of a medical consultation within 20 minutes, regardless of where the user is located.


3 How does this service compare to existing competitors in the market?

Telemedicine services have been around for a while. Still, Dr. Travel’s most significant innovation is its targeted offering to travelers, who, with a reasonable initial cost, can use the service only if needed during their trip. Customer experience has also been enhanced; the service is provided through the sostravel app, which optimizes the quality of the video call and, thus, the interaction with the doctor and the exchange of information.


4 Who is the target clientele for this service?

The service is offered to the over 2 million users reached by Sostravel.com through its website and app, the websites of amareitalia.com, and soon the Flio app. In addition to extending it to B2B clients, we are also working on other channels, which we will reveal as they take shape.


5 How can customers access and use the service?

On the sostravel.com and amareitalia.com platforms and the sostravel app, customers can find the option to add the Dr. Travel service to their trip. Besides B2B sales, we are also working on activating the service on the airport network in which we market the Lost Luggage Concierge service in partnership with Trawell Co.

6 What are the company’s expectations in terms of customer adoption of service?

Sostravel.com‘s DNA is the desire to make predictions based on concrete assumptions; therefore, we will update the Business Case a few months after the service’s launch on all Sostravel.com channels (web, app, airports, and B2B).

7 Are there any strategic partnerships or collaborations that support the launch of the service?

Towards the end of last year, we launched the commercialization of Sostravel.com‘s Travel Technology services to B2B clients, and to date (February 24), we already have two commercial agreements with important partners like Zucchetti’s Welfare platform and ACI Blue’s Leisure division. We also have plans to activate the “airports” sales channel in collaboration with Trawell Co, with whom we have successfully marketed the Lost Luggage Concierge service for over 18 years.

8 What is the marketing and communication strategy to promote the service?

Our customers are our best ambassadors; thanks to the ecosystem created by Sostravel.com, those who book a vacation on our platforms can also use the Dr. Travel and Lost Luggage Concierge services, and those who purchase the Lost Luggage Concierge service at one of Trawell Co.’s airport retail points can access exclusive travel offers branded amareitalia, amarekenya, amaresharm, amarecuba, amareturchia.

9 How does the launch of this service fit into the company’s long-term vision and strategy?

The Dr. Travel service is part of the “Passenger Services” business unit, together with another travel technology service called Lost Luggage Concierge; together, they are one of the two main businesses of Sostravel.com, which since 2022 has been one of Italy’s leaders in online travel booking services, both for the private label travel services amareitalia, amarekenya, amaresharm, amarecuba, amareturchia and through the travel marketplace present on sostravel.com. The growth of Travel Technology services is one of Sostravel.com‘s priorities, as shown by the strengthening of the commercial force dedicated to B2B clients and the very first results achieved, thanks to agreements with Welfare Zucchetti, ACI BlueTeam, and Costa Crociere.

10 What are the plans for the evolution and expansion of the service?

The service is offered to all components of the tourism and/or travel-related chain: travel goods shops, and progressively the offer will include additional channels, for example, companies for their employees’ business travel to make them feel protected and assisted in any situation. There will also be technological innovations. The issuance of a national paperless electronic prescription that allows the distribution of the service also through retail channels is under study.

About Sostravel.com

Sostravel.com S.p.A. is a digital travel company trading in Milan (SOS) and New (SOSAF), operating the sostravel and flio apps, and www.sostravel.com & www.amareitalia.com platforms.

A digital tour operator and travel-tech company, it develops proprietary digital travel solutions, such as the Lost Luggage Concierge for luggage protection and recovery and Dr. Travel, a telehealth service designed for travelers.

Over 1 million users have used Sostravel.com as a digital travel companion to find deals on their trips and get information to make their journeys more enjoyable.


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