Less damaged, lost and delayed luggage over summer 2023 says Sostravel.com

  • Data points to less Less damaged, lost and delayed luggage 
  • Yaound Nsimalen ranks #1 worst airport for luggage, followed by Tunis Airport 
  • Royal Air Maroc and Air France are the most affected airlines
  • 50% of the claims handled by sostravel.com were for Damage

Damaged, Lost, and Delayed Luggage in Summer 2023: A Closer Look 

Traveling by air, passengers frequently worry about the safety and timely delivery of their luggage. After all, few things can sour the excitement of a vacation or the anticipation of a business meeting as arriving at your destination without your belongings. As the summer of 2023 showed, while there has been a reduction in incidents related to damaged, lost, and delayed luggage, though certain airports and airlines still struggled with significant setbacks. 


A Silver Lining in 2023’s Luggage Woes 

Data collected over the summer revealed an encouraging trend: there has been a decrease in the percentage of damaged, lost, and delayed luggage compared to 2022. Advancements in luggage tracking technology, better training of airport personnel, and enhanced security measures might all have played a role in this positive development. Despite these improvements, however, some airports and airlines had more than their fair share of luggage mishaps. 



While many airports made significant strides in enhancing their luggage handling systems, two stood out for the wrong reasons. Yaoundé Nsimalen International Airport, located in Cameroon, ranked as the worst airport in terms of luggage handling, within Sostravel.com network, during the summer of 2023. Numerous passengers reported either receiving their luggage late or not receiving it at all. One possible reason for such issues might be the increase in the number of passengers combined with outdated infrastructure, leading to an overwhelmed system. 

Close on its heels was Tunis Airport in Tunisia. Known as the gateway to the Mediterranean nation, the airport’s management faced a barrage of complaints regarding misplaced or delayed luggage. The exact cause of their troubles remains under investigation, but early indicators point towards operational inefficiencies and potential equipment malfunction. 



With airports as the first point of blame, it’s often the airlines that bear the brunt of passenger frustrations. Over the summer, Royal Air Maroc and Air France emerged as the most affected carriers, confirming the position they held during the winter (see previous Lost Luggage Index by Sostravel.com). these carriers often operate out of the problematic airports, they might not be entirely at fault. Nonetheless, it has raised questions about their quality control and the possibility of streamlining their processes to ensure better luggage management. 


The Role of Multiple Connections: 

Air travel often entails multiple layovers, especially for passengers journeying to remote or less-frequented destinations. Data from summer 2023 showed that a significant 54% of flights had one connection, while 10% had two, and a smaller 2% had three connections. The correlation between the number of connections and the likelihood of luggage mishaps cannot be ignored. With every layover, there is an increased risk of luggage being mishandled, misplaced, or lost as it moves from one aircraft to another. Multiple connections mean more opportunities for error, as bags are shifted between flights, potentially leading to the increased figures of luggage mishaps reported. 


Breakdown of Luggage Issues: 

Diving deeper into the specifics of these luggage-related problems, data from sostravel.com, a leading online platform for travel assistance, provided insights into the nature of the complaints. During the summer of 2023, they handled a variety of claims: 

Damage was the most common complaint, accounting for 50% of the claims. This statistic underscores the importance of robust luggage that can withstand the rigors of air travel, as well as the need for airport staff to handle luggage with care. 

Delayed delivery came in second, making up 27% of the claims. These delays can create considerable inconvenience, especially for those on tight schedules or with essential items packed in their checked luggage. 

Loss, a traveler’s worst nightmare, accounted for 19% of the claims. While this percentage might seem relatively low, for the affected individuals, the impact can be significant, especially if the lost items are irreplaceable. 

– Interestingly, 4% of the claims were for delayed delivery with damaged luggage, a double whammy for the affected passengers. Such incidents emphasize the importance of consistent quality checks and improvements in luggage handling protocols. 

This breakdown offers a comprehensive view of the challenges travelers faced in summer 2023. Addressing these specific issues could be the key to elevating the overall passenger experience in the coming years. 


For passengers: 

It’s always prudent to pack essential items in their carry-on, invest in luggage tracking services like the Lost Luggage Concierge by Sostravel.com, which in case of any luggage-related issues offers a flawless luggage finding, handling and delivery service. 


Sostravel.com Lost Luggage Index 

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