During the travel experience weekend held at the Janna e Sole Resort in Budoni from 5 to 7 May 2023, a consultation was conducted on the forward-looking vision of the future of tour operating.
A representative panel of 82 professional travel agents from all Italian regions was asked the question:


WHAT SHOULD THE IDEAL TOUR OPERATOR OF 2026 HAVE? A not too distant future…

Eight tables of around 10 travel agents and travel industry professionals were formed and the paper was then voted on by all participants with the only rule being that they could not vote for their own.
The following areas of action emerged from the result and the votes cast by the working groups
1. The platform and Apps to access for organising and booking any service must be simple and intuitive.
2. Define the eco-holiday segment
3. Continuous online and on-site training, updates and first-hand product knowledge to promote sales and expand the value of agency consulting
4. Creation of specific and customised packages for the various types of distribution: Agencies, companies and, Cral
5. Groups to be consolidated by networking among the agencies present.
6. Hyper-qualified and available 24/7 booking
7. Maintain constant human contact between tour operator and customer through the agencies
8. Reduce price volatility
9. Parity Rate and Over commission at the end of the year.
10. Seeking balance in the quality/price ratio, economically viable holidays
11. Customising the quote
12. Option for individuals and groups
13. Stable and trained sales representatives
14. Site consultation with real availability
15. Useful APP for customer support
16. Involvement of retailers in the shareholding would differentiate the relationship with other travel companies
17. Flexibility in the management and modification of both quotes and files.
18. Complicity and collaboration with agencies
19. Digital tools designed and optimised to simplify sales
20. Provision of gadgets and advertising material, for online and shop windows
21. Eco-sustainability of the supply chain
22. Digital content (totems in facilities) to illustrate excursions activities and experiences.

The agencies involved and SOSTRAVEL have made a pact to jointly implement the 22 points of the programme by 2026