What does the busiest day for commercial aviation mean for luggage?

July 6 was the busiest day for commercial aviation ever tracked. Flightradar24 reported 134,386 commercial flights on the day.


The rebound in air travel in 2023 exceeded expectations, and it’s due to smash the already high 3.42 billion passengers traveling on planes in 2022.


Despite this positive development, the industry was unprepared for the quick recovery, which caused more disruptions as airports, airlines, and ground handlers managed the increase in traffic with fewer staff members.


How does the sharp increase in air traffic affect luggage?

The Sita 2022 Baggage IT Insights report highlighted an exponential increase in the mishandled baggage rate by 74.7% to 7.6 bags per thousand passengers in 2022 (Sita).


This went against an otherwise long-term decrease in baggage mishandling, which brought the global average down by 59.7% since 2007 (Sita).


Recent data reveals that delayed bags accounted for 80% of all mishandled bags in 2022, a 9% increase compared to the previous year. The percentage of lost and stolen bags increased to 7%, while damaged and pilfered bags decreased to 13% (a 10% drop from 2021).


As usual, the devil is in the details, as at the global level, the mishandling rate for international routes is 19.3, while for domestic routes, it is only 2.4. This means the likelihood of mishandling a bag on international routes is about 8 times higher than on domestic routes. This increase can be attributed to the rise in long-haul flights and other factors such as airport congestion, customs procedures, staff shortages, and language barriers. 


These statistics underscore the importance of investing in technology and infrastructure to improve baggage handling, particularly on international routes. By doing so, airlines can significantly reduce mishandling incidents, improve customer satisfaction, and enhance their reputation in the industry.


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