Capri, an island between sea and legends

July is ending, leaving the summer’s highlight month: August.’s journey continues in southern Italy on one of the most beautiful islands overlooking the splendid Gulf of Naples: the Isle of Capri.

The island of Capri

An island characterized by numerous caves that bear witness to its karst origin and give the coast an indented and rocky shape. According to the legends these natural cavities were very appreciated by the Romans who chose them as places to create nymphaeums. The island of Capri is divided into two municipalities, the main one, Capri, and a smaller more isolated one, Anacapri, both with their own charm.

Natural Arch

The charm of the entire island is obviously linked to the crystalline sea that surrounds it and to the uncontaminated nature that covers part of its surface. The maximum degree of beauty of the island culminates in the eastern part with the presence of the natural arch, a rock formation that has been created over the years with the erosive action of the winds. This location turns out to be perfect for those who like to do long walks immersed in nature. The island of Capri as well as being very admired for its sea is also a destination characterized by numerous legends that have made it what it is today; among these we find that of Ulysses and the sirens according to which they encountered precisely in what is today called “the rock of the sirens” during his Odyssey in the Mediterranean; the rock of the sirens is located in the Marina Piccola and is where the sirens tried to hypnotize the sailors with their song and then kill and devour them.

A visit to Capri can begin with Umberto I square, called “a chiazz” by the inhabitants, which represents the heart of the island, a meeting point where you can stop for coffee, dinner or an aperitif. From here you can admire the landscape offered by the wonderful view of the Faraglioni. They represent a point of great interest for all the tourists who visit the island and are nothing more than three peaks of rock in the open sea. There are many tourists who decide to get closer to them to enjoy the crystal clear sea that surrounds them and wait for the sunset and enjoy the show from a boat away from the tourist crowd that invades the island every year.

I Faraglioni di Capri

The best tour you can do in Capri is the natural one to discover the various beauties that endow the island. It starts from the Grotta di Matermania continuing along the bay of Marina Piccola which, unlike the other seaside resorts, is characterized by sand and equipped facilities. For lovers of adventure and places wrapped in a mysterious charm, a visit to the Grotta Azzurra cannot be missed. A creek that can be visited only with a row boat on days when tide conditions are optimal and allow entry. This cave stands out from the others with the play of light and blue reflections present inside. According to legend, inside this cave there was a secret passage built by Emperor Tiberius as a link to his luxurious villa located in the municipality of Anacapri.

The second town on the island is Anacapri. This commune develops into a set of streets and steep stairways that give the feeling that time has stopped, away from the stress of everyday life. The most important place of interest in this part of the island is the unique philosophical park built in 2000. This park contains more than 60 philosophical citations that give a taste of Western wisdom. The town of Anacapri was once connected to that of Capri by a steep staircase called “La Scala Fenicia” which was then restored and fully inserted in all the island’s landscape itineraries. has decided to take you to the discovery of the Isle of Capri which represents an excellent destination for those who love the sea and also for those who love to visit mythological locations and imagine to relive its legends.