Marrakech: colors, traditions and Moroccan culture in a city in continuous evolution moves to Morocco and is ready to take on Marrakech, one of the most sought after destinations for tourists from all over the world who love to dive into the Moroccan culture and be enchanted by the welcoming of the local population.

Marrakech, the Medina

Marrakech is one of the most famous imperial cities and is divided into two parts: the Medina or the ancient part where the Arab population lives in houses of beaten earth that creep into narrow and winding streets and the European city that leaves room for Westernized Africa and tourism.

To fully enjoy the Moroccan atmosphere it is advisable to stay in riads, typically Moroccan square-shaped houses that develop vertically and that were once inhabited by entire families, now destined for tourism. Their main characteristic is their internal development, leaving little visibility from the outside and being equipped with an open central patio often occupied by a swimming pool and plants that decorate the courtyard creating a unique atmosphere.

Typical Riad in Marrakech

Marrakech is a city that deserves to be lived in full and tasted slowly in order to savor its true essence made of warmth and tradition. In this area the climate offers good weather in any season. The itinerary for the visit of the city cannot but start from the Jemaa el Fna square, the center of the city that allows the tourist to understand the true essence of Marrakech. This square, one of the most beautiful in the world, is endowed with an overwhelming vitality starting early in the morning with the opening of the outdoor market which in Moroccan culture is called souk. In the streets of this market you can find the most varied items and local people who dedicate their time to particular activities, you will then find yourself admiring musicians, storytellers and snake charmers.

The souk, typical Moroccan markets

In recent years the city of Marrakech has been the protagonist of an evolution that makes it an increasingly attractive destination for creatives and art collectors. This evolution over the years has allowed the city to become home to numerous exhibitions, events and performances that make it a city in full creative explosion.

Another aspect of the city that makes it unique is the presence of gardens that offer oases of peace and areas of relax, losing the perspective of time and space. Among the most important we find: the Jardine Majorelle, the Jardin secret and the La Mamounia Gardens where Churchill took refuge to dive into his painting far from political commitments.

If you decide to visit Marrakech you cannot pass on the experience of the camel ride through which you can explore the Palmeraie, the green lung of Marrakech, born according to legend, thanks to the date pits that were spat by the Berbers in the years of the city foundation; or opt for the ride along the expanse of the Agafay desert, escaping for a while from the urban heat and immersing yourself in the wild beauty of the Moroccan desert. has chosen for you Marrakech a city characterized by tradition, good weather and colors, to the point of being named “the city of four colors”. Visiting Marrakech you will have the sensation of being immersed in a painting by Matisse where the blue of the sky, the ocher of the walls, the green of the palms, the white of the snow on the nearby Atlas mountains, the colors of the spices exposed in the markets, the clothes and colors of the houses give tourists a memorable atmosphere.