Zodiac signs of Water: sensitive, nostalgic and mysterious travelers

Last week we went on a wonderful trip to Japan, an innovative and futuristic country with an eye to the past and tradition; in particular we brought you to the discovery of Tokyo and Kyoto, two cities that truly allow to get to know the culture of the country.
Today we end our traveler’s horoscope talking about the signs belonging to the Water group, Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces.

The signs belonging to this group are endowed with qualities such as thoughtfulness, passion and a bit of introversion. Although this last aspect may lead to imagining detached individuals, in reality they end up being affectionate and protective but also sensitive and emotional. Let’s find out more about every single sign! Ready? Let’s begin.

Let’s start with Cancer! Travelers of the sign of Cancer are explorers who seek their comfort zone in every corner of the world. Nostalgic, lovers of music and good wine, three main characteristics of Cancer. If you belong to this sign, you will surely agree that the ideal vacation must include a sunset by the sea and a peaceful atmosphere far from chaos and deafening noises. What Cancer looks for in its travels is finding balance. A trip to Australia is the ideal destination for them! Getting in touch with their element, diving into the great Barrier Reef off the coast of Queensland and engaging in activities such as snorkeling and scuba diving.

Goald Coast – Queensland, Australia

We continue with the second sign: Scorpio, living with a continuous inner conflict between the desire for adventure and an innate instinct for protection. A bold and at the same time prudent soul that loves to maintain an aura of mystery. Their ideal vacation alternates between locations inaccessible to most people and dangerous cities on one side, and a quiet beach holiday on the other. We are therefore in front of an unpredictable traveler. What better destination for them than Los Angeles? A destination where Scorpios can find everything from the beach and mountains, to the magnificent California valleys. A land that can offer a healthy dose of sensuality and creativity, dominant features in the element of Water.

Los Angeles, California

We’ve almost reached the end of our journey together but before saying goodbye we continue with the last sign of water, Pisces. Lover of the sea, eternally indecisive and characterized by being very emotional. Travelers under this sign are difficult to frame, they do not like routine and constraints but they are very tied to their natural environment which allows them to feel free and at ease. Pisces are travelers that fear moving because of the change that may come from it and because of this usually entrust the organization to others. Once on the road, however, they manage to show all their sympathy and empathy by rediscovering themselves as excellent travel partners. So what is their ideal destination? Glaciers, lagoons and medieval cliffs of Iceland are perfect for this sign. The ideal vacation to find themselves enjoying the splendid panoramas offered by this land.

Northern lights, Iceland

The traveler’s horoscope brought to you by sostravel.com has come to an end and the next articles will take you to the discovery of two other dream destinations. Curious? Keep following us and you’ll find out where sostravel.com’s journey will take you.