Japan, the cradle of progress in a traditional setting

Sostravel.com continues its journey on the discovery of the ideal destinations for each zodiac sign. In today’s appointment we will go to Japan, destination chosen for all the travelers of the Aquarium sign. So let’s waste no time and start our journey!

Tokyo, Japan.

Japan has always been a destination that fascinates people passionate about Mangas, Zen meditation and lovers of martial arts and sushi. A country that in the collective imagination is a land of myths, legends and enchantment. The sostravel.com itinerary starts from Tokyo, the great capital crossed by millions of Japanese people every day. Walking through the streets of the city you will realize the grandeur and magnificence of this megalopolis consisting mostly of skyscrapers, stations and subways that give life to a second city under the asphalt. This spectacle transports the tourist into a parallel reality where tradition and progress coexist giving a magical atmosphere. Let’s discover some of the most important places in the city.

Our itinerary starts from the Meiji Jingu shrine, the spiritual cradle of the city. Erected in memory of Emperor Mutsuhito and his wife Shoken, it is located on a land divided in two by the main garden called “Naiee” with sacred buildings, a museum and an external “Gaien” which houses a gallery of paintings belonging to the collection of the two leaders.

Meiji-jingu shrine in Tokyo, Japan

A second mandatory stop is the one in the Odaiba district, an artificial island in the Tokyo Bay where there are numerous attractions with a strong commercial and entertainment appeal. In particular the headquarters of “Fuji TV”, the “Rainbow Bridge” with its spectacular game of lights and the reproductions of the Statue of Liberty and the “Gundam RX-78”.

Despite Tokyo being the capital of progress, its soul is very attached to national tradition thanks to the presence of historic buildings such as the Imperial Palace. The current official residence of the emperor, known as Kyoko, is a palace immersed in nature whose gardens are accessible only for the occasion of the emperor’s birthday and the first day of the year. In the city there are many other attractions, but for the moment we’ll leave Tokyo to head to another city in the country that is equally famous for its cultural and architectural charm. Welcome to Kyoto!

Higashiyama, geisha district – Kyoto

Kyoto noted for being the old capital of the country during the Edo period from the years 794 to 1868, is today a city with a strong history that carries the signs of a shining past. Undoubtedly a mandatory destination for lovers of traditional Japan!

Visiting the city you will find yourself immersed in a magical atmosphere with Geishas walking on the street in a frame decorated with cherry trees that, in spring and autumn, are in full blossom with fantastic colors. Among the points of interest of the city we find the Kinkaku-ji temple, famous for being covered by a layer of gold and considered a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

The historic district of Higashiyama surrounding the temple of Kiyomizu-dera is entirely made of wooden houses and small shops and will make you relive the typical atmosphere of traditional Japan. Finally, you can’t miss taking a walk along the Gion district, one of the most famous geisha areas of the entire country with numerous houses and tea rooms.

Despite the presence of numerous other important urban centers, sostravel.com has decided to take you to discover Tokyo and Kyoto, the two cities that represent the union between modern times and tradition. Two totally different concepts that best represent the essence of Japan. A country rich in rituals linked to its own tradition, such as the tea ceremony “Cha no you” with a thousand-year history behind it. This ritual linked to Buddhism, and more specifically to the Zen philosophy, has as its main objective the achievement of harmony with nature and an inner peace that favors meditation. If you decide to attend a ceremony of this kind, remember to wear a kimono, the traditional Japanese garment once worn in everyday life.
Today it is used only on certain special occasions, such as the coming of age of women, considered to be on their 20th birthday.

Sostravel.com has chosen Japan for you, the perfect destination for those who want to look at the future with a nostalgic eye on the past. Today’s journey ends here and all you have to do is schedule your appointment for next Tuesday with the latest edition of the weekly column on the traveler’s horoscope where we will talk about the signs linked to the element of Water. Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces now it’s your turn!