Discovering Queensland, the Sunshine State of Australia

Here we are with the second-to-last appointment for October, a month full of journeys dedicated to astrology and dream destinations. All that remains is to welcome November by talking about another dream destination. Today flies to Australia and precisely to the state of Queensland.

Queensland is the most famous and touristic state of the Australian continent, full of fantastic natural landscapes, tropical beaches, rainforests and inland dry areas. The best way to visit this area is an adventurous road trip from Cairns to Brisbane. Ready? Let’s begin this wonderful journey along the “Sunshine State” to discover some of the many places that contribute to its beauty and the experiences to take part in.

Great Barrier Reef. Whitsundays. Queensland Australia

The itinerary can start from Cairns, a place where you immediately get in touch with the wonderful nature offered by this State. It is indeed a relaxing town that represents the point of access to the tropical area of ​​Queensland, and is the mandatory destination for those who want to see the Great Barrier Reef that extends over 2300 km along the north-eastern coast of the continent. You can dive into the crystal clear waters and engage in activities such as snorkeling, scuba diving and admire the billions of microorganisms that populate it, a spectacular World Heritage Site since 1981. Swimming with colorful fish, turtles of every species and other wonderful sea creatures will be an unforgettable experience for you.

Cow Bay beach where the rainforest meets the Great Barrier Reef in Queensland.

Continuing on the itinerary you can go from the blue of the sea to the green of the trees and in particular the oldest rainforest on earth, the Daintree National Park. Entering the thicker green, you will discover the floral species offered by this wonderful land and you will see animals of every variety. If you want to admire everything from a different perspective, use the cable car that will offer you the chance to “fly” over this huge green lung!

A trip to this wonderful continent will give you the chance to relax in some of the largest and most beautiful beaches in the world like Fraser Island and Rainbow Beach which, together with the Cooloola Recreation Area, make up the Great Sandy National Park. A corner of the world where the forest is born on the beach, giving life to a true natural paradise where white sand and crystal clear waters give a magical atmosphere.

After this full immersion in the Australian nature it is now time for a bit of fun in the largest amusement park on the continent, Dreamworld. Here you will find attractions suitable for every age group and every type of leisure. High-speed attractions that will test your courage and your vertigo. A park suitable for everyone, from groups of friends to families, thanks to a vast area dedicated to children in which they will have fun, play and meet fantastic characters and heroes. But that’s not all, there is also a large area for adventure riders among the trees. Dreamworld is the ideal place for a day of pure fun!

If you have come this far you will know that this continent is home to numerous water sports, but one in particular. Have you already guessed what we’re about to talk about? Exactly, Surf. You can’t leave without visiting the area of ​​Surfers Paradise, the pearl of the Gold Coast. An area that with its golden beaches, the inevitable waves and nightlife will capture your heart. Relax and let yourself be carried away by the atmosphere. You can find numerous surf schools and attend professional surf competitions. Fun is guaranteed!

Surfers Paradise, Australia

As already mentioned, the last stage of the road trip along the Sunshine State is Brisbane: the sunny and refined capital of Queensland. It is a city characterized by eclectic art made of fashionable suburbs that offer many difference experiences: from interactive exhibitions taking place in the Sciencentre, to the Queensland Museum and State Modern Art Gallery. Visiting Brisbane you will also be able to discover the Aboriginal culture, its secrets and their dreamlike perception of reality that totally differs from the history of Western thought. A real journey through Aboriginal Australia between art, culture, spirituality and history. has brought you to the discovery of this marvelous land that, we remind you is the ideal destination for all travelers of the sign of Cancer and for all those who want to find their own balance away from chaos and deafening noises. We’ll meet you next Tuesday with the last destination for this rich month of October.