Menorca: the perfect gift for your Valentine’s Day

It’s time for the long-awaited day that focuses on loving couples, and definitely time to leave Washington, the institutional capital of the USA, behind us to embark on a new journey that we are sure will make your heartbeat. February is the month of Love and wants to take you on the discovery of a relaxing and splendid destination to be explored with your special person. If you are therefore still undecided on what to gift your partner for Valentine’s Day, we recommend choosing a holiday in Menorca that will be able to give you new exciting and romantic experiences as a couple.

Menorca the pearl of the Balearics

Menorca is part of the Balearic archipelago together with Mallorca, Ibiza and Formentera. It is certainly the least known but it is the only one to have been declared “Biosphere Reserve” by UNESCO. Menorca is therefore not subject to the so-called mass tourism but also lends itself to a perfect destination for all those couples who crave peace and tranquillity but at the same time nightlife and fun.

This beautiful island, the pearl of the Balearics, enjoys a unique and irresistible charm because of its suggestive beaches with crystal clear waters. So you can enjoy the sun with your partner lying on the white dunes or hidden in the romantic solitary coves. Visiting the natural parks and archaeological sites that make Menorca a real open-air museum.

From Mahon to Ciutadella

Given its size (about 48 km long and 16 km wide), it can be easily visited by renting a car or scooter. Travel along the main road that connects the two most important cities of the island, Mahon the capital, and Ciutadella, to discover the beautiful coves of the island will be such a romantic and suggestive experience that you certainly won’t want to miss it.

Among all these, we recommend you visit Playa Son Saura, Cala En Turqueta, Playa Binigaus and the small Cala Es Tancat. You will fall in love with the contrast between the shades of turquoise to cobalt blue of the sea, the fine, white and thin sand with the presence of rocky coasts with green vegetation that characterize these reserved coves.

The same breathtaking landscapes during the day will make your heartbeat at sunset.

Relax and then enjoy a magical moment with your loved one at sunset from the Cap de Cavalleria lighthouse in Punta Nati. Here, from the highest and most northern point of the island of Menorca, you can witness a sensational sunset from a cliff overlooking the sea in complete privacy. You will be enchanted by the twinkling light of the setting sun on the crystal clear waters of the Mediterranean.

In the evening, the tranquillity of the small isolated coves gives way to a nightlife which although not at the level of the nearby Ibiza, will certainly not disappoint young couples. In fact, you can wander around the stalls and shops refreshing yourself in one of the many bars, and then eat excellent fresh fish in typical restaurants.

Ciutadella is the centre of events

Es Born di Ciutadella is the main walking place of the entire island and the centre of events and parties that animate Menorcan life throughout the year. We also advise you to walk hand in hand through the narrow streets of the charming local village called Binibèquer. Here you will be captivated by the beauty of the white houses with flowered balconies walking through the narrow streets.

If you and your partner are music lovers and you don’t mind the nightlife, a truly suggestive and classy place where you can go wild until dawn is Cala a Porter. It is an incredible location carved into the rock overlooking the sea that during the day is an ideal place to drink something with pleasant background music, and that turns into a real disco to dance and have fun after sunset.

Cala Macarella

So how do you also think that a holiday in Menorca is the perfect gift for your Valentine’s Day? At we have no doubt! In wishing you a great Valentine’s day, we also set the appointment for next week for another sensational new travel experience to discover increasingly incredible and suggestive destinations.