Scents and colors of Provence

June has just ended. Summer has now officially begun and with it the first summer trips to get away from the usual routine after a very busy year. Whether you love journeys in total relax on crystal-clear beaches or trips full of adventure and adrenaline, the world is full of destinations that reflect your ideal journey. Today focuses on the region of Provence, a gem located in the south-east of France, all worth discovering.

Avignon, France

Provence is seen by tourists as a destination characterized by suggestive atmosphere, breathtaking views and splendid villages. A region characterized by a very mild climate thanks to the presence of the sea that warms the winters and freshens the territory during summer months and from the sun that kisses its wonderful landscapes for 12 months a year. A region known for its cultural importance conferred by authors like Dante Alighieri thanks to the numerous quotations in the Divine Comedy and to having been for about seventy years, during the fourteenth century, the home of the popes; it is precisely from the palace of the Popes of Avignon that the visit of the region can begin. A palace characterized by the presence of works of art and by immense gardens whose most characteristic location allows to relive the moments in which the court gathered to judge apostolic events.

Aerial panoramic view of Arles

Another characteristic of this destination is being known for the lavender fields present in its territories and the scent they give off. To savor these fragrances you cannot miss a visit to the ancient city of Arles. This city is essentially characterized by the ruins of the theater and the Roman amphitheater, once considered the fulcrum of the city, today home of numerous concerts and events in a suggestive atmosphere characterized by Provencal colors and scents. Not far from the city there are numerous lavender fields that make the area appear characterized by shades ranging from lilac to dark purple. For a full immersion in the lavender fields and to savor its scent, we recommend visiting the region in July, the month of their greatest flowering. For the most curious, Provencal lavender meets 80% of the worldwide demand of all products that come from this flower.

For tourists who want to direct their journey towards a full immersion in nature, recommends moving on to Roussillon. Roussillon is a place wrapped in shades of red and ocher that, in contrast with the blue or clear sky, offer its visitors wonderful landscapes to admire. The main feature of this location is how the sun decides what colors to offer its landscapes: depending on the natural light the landscapes will be characterized by a light orange or a dark red.

Thanks to all these characteristics, Provence establishes itself as a region worthy of being considered the most colorful and fragrant in Europe. A region kissed by the sun, full of spectacular natural landscapes. A small corner of paradise where you can get in touch with nature and be fascinated by the emotions transmitted.