Granada, a symbolic city in the heart of Andalusia

In today’s appointment flies to Andalusia, a region in southern Spain that fascinates tourists from all over the world with its architectural charm given by the Arab domination and the cultural magic of the many artistic elements that are part of it. To celebrate this wonderful land has chosen Granada for you.

Monumental complex of Alhambra, Granada

Granada presents itself as a city that can be visited in a few days, with a very high cultural charm and numerous points of interest that are part of UNESCO’s cultural heritage. Granada, the ancient capital of the Nazarì kingdom, has an architectural heritage characterized by numerous influences belonging to the Christian, Arab and Jewish dominations that have contributed to the history of this wonderful city.

The first stop of each itinerary of the city of Granada is a visit to the Alhambra, a monumental complex located on a rocky hill protected by the mountains and forest that enclose it. The Alhambra was initially born as a military zone and later became the royal residence of the court of Granada. To date, this area is the most significant monument of the city due to its solemnity linked to Muslim domination. Alhambra, whose name has been adapted to the Spanish language from the original Arabic A-Qal aal Hmbra or red fortress, is a monument declared Unesco World Heritage that looks like a rigid military building on the outside but with a delicate and graceful interior.

The fairy-tale gardens of Generalife, Granada

After visiting the Alhambra, you can head towards the Generalife, an area comparable to an oasis of peace and relaxation, also a royal residence, surrounded by hills and gardens that enhance its charm. It is an independent palace whose original name was linked to the Arabic words Yanat-al-Arif or architect’s gardens. The Generalife is a complex consisting of gardens with an Arabic style, elegant and characterized by colors that give life to a lively and warm atmosphere during sunny days.

Cathedral of Granada in Andalusia, Spain

From the description of these two architectural complexes it is clear how Granada is a city rich in architectural and artistic beauties that represent its artistic charm. Among the other attractions worth visiting, you can find the Cathedral of the city considered the largest expression of a Renaissance-style church in the country. A cathedral founded in 1492 with the goal of overcoming the Gothic charm of the cathedral of Toledo, with a sublime interior and exterior architecture. Next to the Cathedral there is a small royal burial chapel called Capilla Real wanted by the sovereigns of Spain Isabella and Ferdinando who ordered to be buried there. In fact, in this chapel there is a small museum where you can admire the sword of Ferdinand, the scepter of Isabella and the silver crown as well as their art collection with paintings by Botticelli and several Flemish painters.

Another experience that shouldn’t be missed during a visit of Granada is the Flamenco dancing choreography during the evening, that takes place in the Cuevas, or cave-dwellings carved on the sides of the hill and painted in white that are the center of the pressing rhythm of this particular dance that goes on until dawn. To experience this you just need to visit the Sacromonte district, a very suggestive location that is considered the cradle of this art. Take the time to stroll through the streets of this ancient neighborhood that represents a small city within Granada.

Finally, before leaving the city you can visit the ancient Arab quarter of Albaicín with its thirty mosques that characterize its narrow streets, heading towards the Mirador San Nicolás to enjoy the breathtaking view offered by this spot, considered the best in the city. After admiring the view of the city, perhaps accompanied by a sunset, relax among the streets of the neighborhood, allow yourself to be lulled by the numerous artists, musicians and young artisans that populate them. has chosen Granada for you, a city of art located in the heart of Andalusia, rich in historical and cultural references but with a youthful charm that makes it suitable for every type of tourist.