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A virtual tour: visit these tourist attractions from your home

Today we will take you around the world in a slightly different way. Have you ever tried to visit a monument from home? Well yes, it’s real. You can do that!

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Kimberley, an uncontaminated paradise

The month of February is about to end and with it the many travel tips that have accompanied us. For this last appointment, will take you to one of the most beautiful places in Australia. We are talking about the Kimberley region.

An aerial shot of the Horizontal falls in Talbot Bay, the Kimberley, Australia

Three times the size of England and with a population of less than 40,000, this region is among the most unspoiled in the world. The wildlife, majestic canyons and crystal-clear waters of the springs make it a place that offers tourists a full immersion in the unspoiled nature of a spectacular continent such as Australia. There are many experiences to be able to live in this beautiful region and for this reason, has selected the most beautiful ones for you. Are you ready to embark on this journey?

The Kimberley coast

This fascinating itinerary can only start by visiting the city of Broome, one of the most characteristic in Australia. Colourful sunsets, frangipani plants, warm temperatures and beautiful white sand beaches will make you live in a magical atmosphere and will give you the opportunity to discover two of the most characteristic aspects of the Australian tradition: the outback and adrenaline generated by an adventure between the pristine areas of the region and the relaxed atmosphere of the beaches accompanied by the tasty mango flavour of a typical local beer.

Secondly, treat yourself to a pleasant cruise along the Kimberley coast to fully admire its beauty. During this experience you will have the opportunity to admire the coast in all its wild nature, dotted with about 2,600 islands, many still with an unknown name; stop to admire the ancient Aboriginal rock art and take a dip in the crystal-clear waters or a picnic on the white sand.

You can then plan a visit to Mitchell River National Park, one of Australia‘s most beautiful natural parks. What is the main attraction? Certainly the “Mitchell Falls“, that follow one after the other in series and then dive into a deep freshwater lake. But what is the main feature of this area? Its sacredness! According to the most ancient traditions of the Aboriginal population, the Wumambal who live in this area, supernatural beings live among the small lakes formed by the waterfalls.

Australian aborigines

The Kimberley region is not the only one inhabited by indigenous populations, the whole state is. Did you know that Australian populations boast a rich culture dating back over 50,000 years? A culture defined holistic and very tied to the concept of family, community and the land. In particular, the link with the earth is a fundamental aspect in the vision that the aborigines have of the world. For these people, in fact, the land is what defines their nature. In particular, the aboriginal people of the coast describe themselves as “people of salt water”, those of river areas as “people of fresh water” and those of arid central regions as “people of the desert”. But where exactly does this link with the earth come from? We will reveal it immediately.

Aboriginal people believe that their ancestral spirits, or the creative deities, were born precisely from the earth and from heaven and that they created all living things through their travels on earth. And it is precisely for this reason that between the aboriginal population and the land there is a strong bond that has become indissoluble over the years.

Today’s appointment ends here. has led you to this wonderful region of Australia that can make you rediscover the beauty of our planet away from the stress and smog of big cities. sets the appointment for the next article to start a new exciting journey. Keep following us!

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