The Most Original Signs You See in the World of Travel

We travel to taste unique foods, experience different cultures, and expand our horizons. As we travel we are constantly confronted with languages and ways of life that are different than our own. This can be especially confusing when it involves directional signs when traveling in a new country.

Signs are a way to alert people on how to proceed whether an important landmark is coming up or if they need to be extra cautious. The use of signs is especially helpful as a traveler trying to navigate a new city to help you know what to do. You can find signs everywhere between roads, trains, buildings, and airports.

In our previous article we traveled through time and discovered how things have changed in the travel industry. Now, let’s continue discovering how things can be different from one country to another when it comes about signs. Here’s our list of the strangest yet important signs you will find in the world of travel.

Strange Airport Baggage Signs

With airport travel it is especially important to pay attention to all the signs around you. Airport baggage signs tell you what you can and cannot carry onto the airplane. Typically, airports have the same basic restrictions but sometimes they can vary by country.

In the Philippines, due to the popularity of Furby Toys, some airport baggage signs actually list them along with knives, aerosols, and other dangerous items as something that you must keep in your checked-in baggage!

Meanwhile, many countries require items such as portable rechargeable batteries to only be brought in your carryon baggage or else they will be confiscated!

To avoid any issues during airport travel, it’s important to be aware of all the items that are listed on these signs, as strange as they may be. To guarantee that you won’t have any baggage issues, use sostravel to check the luggage requirements for your airline before you even pack your bag!

Weird Animal Travel Road Signs

If you live anywhere outside of Australia, you may be a little confused to see a sign with the picture of a kangaroo on the side of the road. Though in Australia this is a common road sign to see while driving to remind travelers to keep an eye out for kangaroos. While as strange as this sign may seem, it’s important for maintaining your safety!

In the UK, hedgehogs are so common that there are many road signs warning people to keep an eye out for those little guys crossing too!

Bizarre Cautionary Signs

Caution signs are important for letting you know when to be extra careful. When you’re traveling through a foreign country, these are especially important to pay attention to since you are unfamiliar with the surroundings.

Typically these travel signs are straightforward but every once in a while you will see a super strange one such as this hand that appears as if a Zombie rising up from the ground! In reality, it’s alerting about the danger of ice ahead and warning travelers to take care.

Unexpected Upcoming Traffic Signs

In Greenland, you may see a cautionary road sign with a picture of a sled on it. In this country, dogsleds are one of the best ways to travel so this sign warns to keep an eye out for sleds while driving.

Although it may seem like a silly warning, as a traveler driving in a foreign country it’s good to know what you should look out for. Especially for something as uncommon as sleds on the road!

The beauty of travel is that it gives us a chance to experience cultures and scenarios different than what we’re used to. Signs on roads, in buildings, and around airports help us better navigate when we’re exploring a foreign land.

Travel apps like sostravel make it even easier to navigate while traveling by providing you with flight trackers, airport maps, lost luggage support, and travel health insurance right from your phone.

No matter how unusual and funny a sign may seem, often even being able to decipher the most extravagant signs can be important for a smart trip!