Zodiac signs of fire: adrenaline, wellness and philosophy

We salute the month of September and welcome October with a new thread that will keep you company for the upcoming weeks, the traveler’s horoscope: analyzing the journey for each Zodiac sign. The zodiac sees the twelve signs divided into four groups: the signs of fire, air, earth and water. In today’s appointment we will talk about the identikit of all travelers who belong to the fire signs.

This group contains three signs, namely Aries, Leo and Sagittarius defined active signs and therefore very extroverted and favorable to contact with the reality that surrounds them. The main qualities of these signs are sociability, friendliness and impulsiveness. In a person’s horoscope there are 12 areas called houses and some of these are connected to the way we travel. For this reason for each category and for each sign there is a more appropriate destination than others. Sostravel.com will help you understand what kind of traveler you are and the perfect destination for you!

Grand Canyon National Park, U.S.A.

Let’s start the review of the signs belonging to the Aries fire group. It is a sign characterized by determination and a strong tendency to take group dynamics in hand, showing a marked leadership. It is a sign dominated by Mars and for this reason it is active, dynamic and always looking for a trip out of town or to visit new cities. The traveler of the sign of Aries prefers journeys characterized by adventures full of adrenaline and activities such as bungee jumping, trekking, cave diving, parachuting and rafting. Sostravel.com suggests an itinerary through the rocky mountains of the Grand Canyon for Aries travelers, to discover the most beautiful and popular national parks in the United States of America.

Bali, Indonesia

The second sign we will talk about is the Leo who presents himself as ambitious and proud with the desire to aim higher and higher. Leo travelers are very amusing, sociable and lovers of company: the perfect travel partners. Leos love places where they can be themselves, where they can live in a regal way and manifest all the natural ferocity typical of a lion. This is why sostravel.com has chosen Indonesia and in particular Bali. An exciting and stimulating destination, ready to respond with all its wild nature to the roar of lions. The ideal journey for Leos, characterized by unique experiences immersed in their own well-being thanks to the luxurious spas on the island. A suitable place for these travelers who love taking care of themselves.

Angkor Wat, Cambodia

We conclude our astrological appointment with the sign of Sagittarius. The Sagittariuses live their lives under a single keyword: freedom. Travelers under this sign love to discover new places, have great curiosity and hate to be bound by choices; the main characteristic of these travelers is the ability to live their lives like a volcano in flood. Sostravel.com suggests a destination characterized by culture and philosophy: Angkor Wat in Cambodia, the site of one of the largest religious monuments in the world. A goal that allows all the Sagittariuses to satisfy their continuous need to “shed light” through research and the discovery of new cultures.

Do you find yourselves in these characteristics? Don’t miss the upcoming appointments where sostravel.com will take you on the discovery of some of the recommended destinations for each sign and astrological category. A clue to the next appointment: one of the destinations already anticipated in this review will be studied more in depth. Which will it be?