Machu Picchu the “Lost City”, dancing stones and natural wonders

Here we are at our fourth appointment for October, a month full of astrological curiosities and dream destinations. In the last article we discovered the signs belonging to the earth zodiac group composed of Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn. Today takes you to the discovery of the destination best suited for the sign of Virgo, flying to Machu Picchu in Peru. Ready? Let’s start our adventure!

Machu Picchu, one of the seven Wonders of the World

Machu Picchu is an enchanted land where the dream of the Lost City of the Incas is revived. Thanks to the perfect mix of history, mystery, religion and culture, the Lost City has won a place among the seven Wonders of the World.

The visit of this archaeological park is an unforgettable experience for every tourist but it requires organization and planning. A particularly tough and exciting challenge for a traveler of the sign of Virgo that has a concrete travel style and loves to plan itineraries in detail.

Let’s start with some practical tips for your trip! To reach this location you will absolutely have to go through Aguas Calientes, a small village in the Urumbamba valley known as Machu Pichu Pueblo. To get there you can use the train that departs from Cusco and reaches Ollantaytambo or an alternative route that includes a first transfer with the typical local vans from Cusco to Hidroeléctrica and a subsequent 10km walk to Aguas Calientes.

Here we are almost arrived at the wonderful archaeological site. By now you will have chosen the ideal route and just have to go and discover this charming town. It is divided into two large areas, the agricultural one, consisting of the terraces for cultivation that occupy the southern area of ​​the site, and the urban area where the occupants lived and the main civil and religious activities were born. The two areas are separated by a wall, a ditch and a staircase that run parallel to the east coast of the mountain.

Along the way in this Lost City you will find five large buildings that were used by the Incas as a granary or warehouse. In the urban area you can instead admire some buildings like the Plaza Alargada built on terraces and different levels and the Sol Observatory Temple. Among the buildings used as dwellings instead we find the Royal Residence which represents the first entrance to the city. Continuing the visit of the site you will find yourself in the Sacred Square which includes two of the three major buildings, the Tempio de la tres ventanas and the MainTemple. But that is not all! The archaeological site of Machu Picchu as well as possessing these wonderful architectural and natural beauties is full of mystery. Let’s see some curiosities together!

Hiram Bingham and Indiana Jones, Credits:

Visiting the site you will notice the presence of some small paths that branch out into the surrounding forest. No one knows where they lead because of their lack of exploration being enveloped by the rapidly growing rainforest along with its mysteries. And now this second curiosity will please movie fans!

Did you know that the discovery of Machu Picchu inspired the character of Indiana Jones? Let’s talk about Hiram Bingham, a history professor that graduated from Yale with a knack for adventure, that in the early 1900s organized an expedition to Peru in search of the Lost City. A third curiosity concerns the stones of the site called “dancing”. These appear welded together without a trace of mortar use or cement and secondly they fit together so perfectly that you could not even slip a sheet of paper between them. But why are they called dancing? We’ll get right to that.

It is said that during earthquakes they rise, bounce and then fall back into place exactly. Probably all this has helped keep the architectural structure of the site intact despite Peru being a very seismic land. has chosen the mysterious land of Machu Picchu for you, bringing you to discover the curiosities and architectural beauties of this location. sets its next appointment for Tuesday with a new edition of the traveler’s horoscope which will deal with the signs of the air group: Gemini, Libra and Aquarius. Keep following us!