How to make your trip to Tenerife unique continues its journey helping you discover the experiences that will make your travels unique. After Lanzarote, takes you to the discovery of another island of the Canary Islands archipelago: Tenerife.

Aerial panoramic view of Las Americas Beach in Tenerife, Spain.

An island divided between north and south, in two completely different worlds; a purely Spanish north, divided into small towns and villages immersed in an almost tropical vegetation and a completely touristic south that has earned the island the title of destination loved by tourists from all over the world.

Tenerife is an island characterized by mild temperatures and perennial presence of the sun which makes it suitable for every tourist who finds comfort between sea and nature. Visiting Tenerife means immersing yourself in unspoiled vegetation and admiring the sea laden with different shades of blue. To fully enjoy a holiday on this wonderful island you can decide to dive into the nightlife made of trendy clubs, discos and designer boutiques or immerse yourself in nature among wonderful architecture and breathtaking views. has decided to focus on this second aspect by offering some experiences that will make your holiday unforgettable.

Pico del Teide

The first must-see experience is a visit of Pico del Teide, a volcano about 3,718 meters above sea level that welcomes tourists and envelops them in its fascinating mist. Located within the most important volcanic park of the island, from afar it can seem like a simple mountain. The entrance to the park is totally free and you can reach the volcano on foot with a 5 hour walk or by cable car. Once at the top you can wait for the sun to set and enjoy the sky, which is now considered a “protected sky” that cannot be flown by any aircraft. From here you can observe 83 out of 88 of the officially recognized constellations. A small corner of paradise far from light pollution that turns into a real enchantment for astronomy lovers and the most romantic.

Canary Islands.Tenerife,La laguna village.

Another unmissable experience is the visit to the Cueva del Viento, the largest lava tunnel in Europe that goes underground for 17 km. A path that gives the opportunity to discover curiosities about the volcanic world thanks to expert guides that explain the geological history of Tenerife in depth. After giving space to the volcanic nature of the island, you can take a boat ride and observe the beauty of the sea surrounding the island and meet its inhabitants: in fact, not far from the southern coasts of the island you will have the opportunity to meet and observe some of the cute dolphins and whales that inhabit the Canary Sea.

For the last destination, recommends a visit to the Loro Parque zoo. Here, you can admire different species of orcas, orangutans, jaguars, tigers, parrots and unusual penguins that represents an exciting experience. After visiting the zoo, you can take a camel ride through the beaches, volcanoes and desert areas. has chosen this experience for you to make your trip to Tenerife unique and constantly in touch with its flora and fauna.