Food Travel Experience: paella, the Queen of Spain

In our last appointment, we left an unspoiled paradise, the beautiful Kimberley region of Australia behind us. For today wants to excite you with new and sensational destinations that we are sure will activate your taste buds. Are you ready to immerse yourself in a new experience made of places, cultures, landscapes and … cuisine? Our Food Travel Experience starts now!

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The first stage of this new travel itinerary is Spain. This country of Latin charm boasts 43 World Heritage sites and is one of the most popular and well-known tourist destinations in the world. A land blessed with mild climate and beautiful beaches, mountains to discover and plains that offer extraordinary agricultural products. All this is made even more particular by a long and rich history that has left unique works of art and architectural masterpieces.

Spain is enriched by a list of cities that are unique for beauty and easy to fall in love with: not only Barcelona, Madrid, Seville or Bilbao, but also small towns like Ronda or Zaragoza are characterized by an irresistible charm. Famous for having one of the most beautiful coasts in Europe, its true character comes from the culture behind the walls of churches and palaces, in its rituals and heartfelt traditions or in the panorama of the narrow streets of its historic centers. But its beating heart is rediscovered mainly in the smells and flavors of its dishes, typical of an ancient Iberian tradition.

Paella, the Queen of Spain

From a gastronomic point of view, as a matter of fact, the undisputed Queen of Spain is definitely the Paella, symbol – together with tapas – of local street food that can be enjoyed at home, on the beach, alone or in company and, why not, accompanied by a nice glass of sangria.

We are talking about a national dish from Catalonia to Andalusia, passing through the Valencian Community and Castile, that every self-respecting Spaniard (or tourist) simply cannot give up. We can trace the birth of paella in Valencia precisely between the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries following the need of farmers and shepherds to have an easy lunch to transport and composed of ingredients available in the area.

The origin of the name comes from the characteristic pot, the paellera, in which it is cooked. We are talking about a pan where the handle has been removed to replace it with two that can support the weight of the dish. It has a minimum diameter of 20 cm which determines the height of the edges and consequently also the number of rations to be served.

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There are several variations of paella: whether it is meat, fish or vegetables, rice is certainly the undisputed protagonist of this delicious Spanish dish. Tradition has it that paella is cooked outdoors and possibly with orange wood that controls its cooking and gives it a sweet aroma. The classic recipe calls for a cream of chicken, rabbit, green beans, tomato, garrofò beans and saffron rice. The latter must never be mixed and must remain crispy – almost scorched – at the bottom of the pan. Finally, before serving it, it will be necessary to let it rest for at least 15 minutes so that the flavors and colors can blend together.

Here at we are confident that our first Food Travel Experience of this month with Paella – the undisputed queen of Spanish cuisine – has left you particularly impressed and with a watery mouth. We can’t wait for the next unmissable appointment to live together another new journey between sensational destinations and exquisite culinary traditions!