Finland: a journey through nature, saunas and happiness

Here we are with the fourth round of the’s search for destinations to offer you epic experiences and make your trips unique. Today we end our monthly column by flying to Finland, the unexplored gem of the Northern countries.

Visiting this country will give you the opportunity to get in touch with unspoiled nature, enjoy the summer sun for 19 hours a day and, during the winter, look for Northern Lights which are a great emotional experience for anyone who can see them. The first rule to consider when planning your trip to Finland is its composition. In fact, there are four regions in this country: the Helsinki region, the lake region, the archipelago and the Lapland region. In today’s appointment, will take you on the discovery of two of the four regions that make up this country: the Lake region and Helsinki, the capital of the country.

Lake Region, Finland

The journey along the Lake region represents a full immersion in Finnish identity characterized by the green of the forests, the undulating hills and the numerous lakes that come across during the journey. After all, we are in what is called the “Land of a thousand lakes”! If during the summer this region will offer you breathtaking panoramas characterized by shades of green and blue, during the winter the beauty offered does not change and the lakes become skating rinks. Whether in summer or winter, this region has great charm: lakes, forests, colorful wooden houses, villages and industrial towns.

Finnish sauna and outdoor hot tub near beautiful forest lake, Finland

In Finland you can rediscover the true essence of luxury and simplicity. In common conception, luxury is always linked to material opulence. Here instead it changes totally! Slowing down, breathing, reconnecting with yourself and getting a sense of lightness are the key concepts that underlie the Finnish lifestyle and luxury. So why not discover what is called the sauna tour? Yes, you read that right: between the region of Helsinki and the lakes there are 1200km of itinerary with public and private saunas.

Sauna culture represents one of the pillars of Finnish culture: did you know that the word sauna has a Finnish origin and is the only term that has become part of other languages? With snow or sun, for the Finns a sauna is an almost sacred inevitable ritual in their life, which also represents a moment of social aggregation, real medicine and daily necessity. Whichever season you decide to visit this country, you will find Finns in boiling saunas, immersed in an almost surreal atmosphere where the only sounds are those of burning wood and water flowing along the hot stones. Once you get out, you simply cannot pass on a dip in the frozen water of the lakes to enjoy a feeling of regeneration for your body.

But be careful, if you decide to spend time in one of the many saunas, remember that the main rule is to be silent. According to popular tradition, those who do not respect this basic rule will have to deal with the wrath of the sauna elf, the saunatonttu, with the risk of being burnt by his fury.

At the end of your itinerary in the region of lakes and saunas you can finally move to the Helsinki region and discover Finnish urban life by visiting the capital: Helsinki. A small city with a rich history. What are the main places of interest to visit? The heart of Helsinki is represented by the Senate Square surrounded by numerous neoclassical buildings dating back to the first half of the 1800s. A second symbol of the city is the Lutheran Cathedral which houses the statues of the reformers Luther and Mikael Agricola, father of the Finnish reform. Another place to visit is the Lutheran church of Temppeliaukio, a church carved out of a hill and considered among the most beautiful in the world. Finally, treat yourself to some relax along the shopping street: the Eteläesplanadi, a tree-lined avenue that will take you to the center and precisely around the Stockmann, the largest shopping center in the country.

Our journey discovering Finland ends here! has chosen Finland for you, a place that has won the title of the happiest country to live in the world. The secret of this? Love for outdoor life and a lifestyle that implies a connection with nature is what underlies Finland’s happiness. A destination suitable for all those who want to escape from everyday stress and rediscover the authenticity of small things to rebalance their lifestyle. sets the appointment for the next article to create a new and exciting journey!