Discovering Croatia, a country rich in natural wonders and history

August is almost over but there is still time to take a trip to discover new places and enjoy the last days of this hot summer. For this final summer event takes you to discover the main locations in Croatia, characterized by natural wonders, history and the sea.

The itinerary of this country offers tourists many places of interest, and you can start from Zagreb, a city that over the years has become a true cultural center capable of attracting more and more tourists. The first stop on your itinerary can be a visit to one of the oldest districts of the city called “Gornji Grad” or Gradec district which takes its name from the hill on which one of the oldest villages in Zagreb stands. The most important attractions to visit in this area are the church dedicated to St. Mark, remembered for the white, blue and red tiles in its roof, the Croatian Parliament and the unmissable Dolac market. The visit of the Dolac market will allow you to immerse yourself in the hectic daily life of the city animated by merchants who go to cities from all over the country to sell their products. Over the years, this market has become a true symbol for the city of Zagreb since the 1930s, when it was considered the border between the upper and lower cities.

During the visit of the city you cannot miss the changing of the Royal Cravattes guard on stage every Saturday and Sunday at noon, from April to September; this typical event takes place in Markov Square and features the Croatian light cavalry in the French royal army that stood out during the Thirty Years’ War. Continuing the visit of Zagreb you can linger in the lower city which instead is the stage of numerous food festivals especially between April and October and of numerous events with live music; in short, the lower city can be defined as the center of Croatian nightlife where you can spend your evenings in total relax.

After a visit to the city of Zagreb, the time has come to immerse yourself in Croatian nature by heading to the Plitvice lakes to enjoy the charm of this UNESCO World Natural Heritage Park. Here, you can cross the Kozjak lake by boat and approach the Veliki Slap, the highest waterfall in the park. After this full immersion in Croatian nature you can stop in the rustic restaurant Lička Kuća and enjoy its typical dishes.

From the untouched nature of the Croatian hinterland you can then head to the sea arriving in Zadar. Visiting the city of Zadar you will notice how this city has, over time, made the Roman and Venetian influences the characteristic of its historic center. In fact, one of the most beautiful areas of the city is that of the Roman forum, the area that runs alongside the sea and expands between the church of St. Donato and St. Maria. After visiting the city, you can relax on its beaches and enjoy the crystal clear sea that surrounds it. Among the most beautiful beaches there are Kiloware, nestled in a pine forest, Borik with its soft sand and Vitrenjak.

Zadar. Puntamika peninsula of Zadar aerial panoramic view, Dalmatia region of Croatia

Finally, those who love travels focused on adrenaline and adventure can give themself a rafting experience on the Zrmanja river, one of the most beautiful in Europe. This activity thanks to the power of the water, the large jumps and to the wild panorama surrounding it, will make you experience the thrill of an adventure that will make your trip unique.