Budapest, a little jewel in Hungary

August is over and September is ready to take you back to your daily routine, saying goodbye to the sea that accompanied us in this hot and sunny August. But don’t despair! has the solution to survive the return to the city and the office and slowly resume the daily routine. Even if summer is over, traveling is always an excellent idea and there is always time to organize a small weekend that will allow you to face your working days with a lighter heart. As a first destination recommends Budapest, a little jewel of the Austro-Hungarian Empire.

Budapest is the elegant Hungarian capital formed by Buda and Pest divided by the Danube. The city boasts a cultural tradition linked to the Austro-Hungarian Empire of which it represented the capital. Budapest has always been a city that enchants in every corner with numerous points of interest to visit. has selected a few locations that deserve to be visited during your trip, be it a weekend or a longer holiday.

On the first day you can visit Buda, the most elegant area of ​​Budapest accessible by bus or with the Budavàri Siklò funicular, the second ever built in Europe. In Buda you can also admire the Castle which offers tourists a breathtaking view of the city. Departing from the castle you can then go to the Úri Utca street known as the street of the Lords. A street where you can breathe the medieval atmosphere that surrounds the area. After walking through the streets of Buda, the time has come to go to Pest.

Once in Pest you cannot miss the Basilica of Saint Stephen, the largest religious building in Hungary which takes its name from the first king of Hungary Stephen I, whose right hand is kept inside as a relic. After visiting the interior of the basilica you can climb the right tower and enjoy the panoramic view of the city of Pest. After visiting the basilica, you can head to Vörösmarty tér, one of the most important neighborhoods in the city where you can relax by taking a break in its huge square. After this you can go to Váci Utca the Budapest shopping street until you reach the central market. You can then end the day with a boat cruise and dinner that will let you admire the city of Budapest and its magical night-time atmosphere along the Danube.

Szechnyi thermal bath spa in Budapest Hungary

Budapest is a city rich in history and monuments but one of the main attractions for tourists are the numerous thermal springs in the city. History tells that the Romans were aware of their beneficial properties and built the first thermal structures in the city; after the Romans, the Turkish domination also made notable contributions to the sources of the city with the marvelous art Nouveau spa complex which became part of the city’s architectural heritage. The most famous thermal baths in Budapest are the Gellért Baths, a true architectural jewel whose interiors are decorated with fabulous “Zsolnay” ceramic mosaics and marble statues that give an elegant frame in an Art Nouveau building. has chosen Budapest for you, as a destination for a short but intense weekend of emotions and new places to admire, suitable for a quick getaway from the city that will refill you with energy.