Music to travel: playlist to travel around the world

Here we are with a new long-waited appointment to travel in an alternative way, breaking down the barriers that in this period our houses impose us. Today we want to bring you through a sensory experience that allows you to go around the world without any luggage, tickets, maps and without leaving home. Just make yourself comfortable, close your eyes and trust in the best travel mate: the music. So here the best playlist selected for you by to travel from home.

you are what you listen to
Photo by Mohammad Metri on Unsplash

Indeed, there is no better way to let yourself go to emotions, remember past travel experiences or dreaming the most desired destinations than to let yourself be guided by the music. Sounds and songs can thus revive lost memories, lift up again the mood, thrill the soul and take you on the best journey ever: the inner one.

An extremely sensory and personal way to leave home with your mind and travel the world, your own world, without limits and borders. After all, as Walt Disney said, “if you can dream it, you can do it”. So, with the radio, record player, cassette tape, headphones or earphones… you only need to choose one of our playlists and play your music tour.

On the road

Whatever the destination, obviously everyone has their own and personal musical testes and they are free to relax with what they prefer. Anyway, there are few songs that can all agree on. They are songs about travels, sometimes only in a metaphoric meaning, which are perfect to be listened to while going towards one’s own destination (even if virtual).

On the Road – playlist by

The Big apple

Who has never dreamt to live a stars and stripes experience? For sure one of the most popular destinations for travellers is New York and we want you to visit it through the brilliant music of Henry Mancini for the soundtrack of the famous film “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”, with Audrey Hepburn as a protagonist.

The Big Apple – playlist by

Exotic lands

For the lovers of the hot exotic destinations, a playlist with ten tracks from ten exotic lands where it will be impossible not to want to go although just with your mind. So it’s time to turn up the volume and live an intercontinental trip among the most exotic destinations of the world.

Exotic lands – playlist by

East sun

The variety of places and cultures offered by the East Countries is so great that everyone can find something to discover with the enthusiasm of an explorer, a place to contemplate for a long time, a city, a village or an oasis which can become their new home with these sounds.

East sun – playlist by

Asian Relax

The beauty of the Asian landscapes is often breath taking: mountains, islands, forests, wild coasts of a sublime beauty that create sumptuous natural landscapes. Despite the rapid modernization of some Countries, it is still possible to find uncontaminated environment and areas where life flows slowly according to the rhythm of nature. Relax and let yourself go to the wellness with this suggestive playlist.

Going back to travel is therefore extremely easy and it is not necessary to do it physically. It is enough a touch of imagination and good music to travel the world from home with the help of playlist unique of their kind. We,, look forward to meeting you next week to live together with new experiences and fabulous emotions.