A weekend in Lisbon between markets, colors and tradition

This week sostravel.com caters to all lovers of antique markets and takes you on the discovery of Lisbon, the Portuguese capital, and one of its most important local markets: the Feira na Avenida.

Colorful buildings of Lisbon historic center near landmark Rossio Square

Lisbon is a city that from the first moment captures the heart of every tourist; a city characterized by its narrow streets where it is possible to visit taverns and shops and admire the elder people who spend their day resting the city benches. Suitable for all types of travel: from short weekends to long term holidays. A romantic city, melancholic, noisy but above all rich in landscapes, monuments and breathtaking views; a city that must be slowly enjoyed to discover its true essence. The itinerary for a perfect visit of Lisbon can start from Alfama, the oldest district of the city characterized by narrow streets and stairways that alternate between climbs and descents that will lead the tourist under the imposing castle of São Jorge located at the highest point of the city with a breathtaking view.

Thanks to its light and its colors Lisbon is a city that offers tourists a warm welcome; as Fernando Pessoa, one of the greatest Portuguese poets, said “for the traveler who arrives from the sea, Lisbon, even from afar, stands as a fascinating vision of a dream, against the bright blue of the sky that the sun colors with its gold”. The buildings of the city are characterized by colored tiles, where they are not present, the walls speak a modern language with graffiti, drawings made with spray cans that make the city a contemporary open-air museum.

It is right between the streets of the city that you can fully enjoy the everyday atmosphere of Lisbon by visiting the markets that take place in the city where you can find numerous organic and artisan products and antiques. Among the many markets it is possible to mention the Mercado do Jardim, the Mercado Biologico do Principe Real and the Feira na Avenida which is considered the most important and characteristic of the city. La Feira na Avenida takes place every month during the second weekend and the fourth Saturday of the month from May to September, in the most luxurious and sophisticated avenue of the city: Avenida da Liberdade. In this market it is possible to find numerous objects that are part of tradition and craftsmanship, antique books and collectibles, organic and gourmet products. A market that takes place every year between the flowerbeds of the Avenida beating heart of the city that stretches for 1500 meters and is known for luxury shopping.

Another feature that makes the city very tied to tradition is the presence of the vintage trams that still today cross the streets of Lisbon, giving the city a vintage charm. Among the most important and most crowded lines we find the 28, this tram allows the tourist to admire most of the city attractions in a single trip.

Visiting Lisbon means being captivated by its vintage charm and living immersed in the colors of the city, in a setting where the sun becomes the sole protagonist; not surprisingly, Lisbon is considered the city with the most sunny days in all of Europe!