Armenia: a land of epic experiences

We have left another year behind us, a 2019 that we ended recommending the best destinations for your Christmas holidays. We want to start the new year in the best way by immersing you, with the passion that distinguishes us, in unique and unrepeatable trips, always rich in epic experiences and lush emotions. For this reason has decided to take you on the discovery of four new unusual and suggestive destinations chosen especially for you, true explorers eager to undertake new itineraries and experience unique sensations. Are you curious to find out what they are?

The first epic destination that we are sure will fascinate you is Armenia, located in the southern part of the Caucasus and bordering Turkey, Iran and Georgia. A small but legendary country that goes straight to the heart of travelers and conquers it thanks to its precious historical, cultural and architectural sites of great impact capable of offering unique experiences.

Visiting Armenia means relating to a civilization that has gone through three thousand years of history, recognizing itself in Christian values and in its grandiose cultural heritage. The Armenian people are in fact one of the mildest, most generous and hospitable in the world. You cannot fail to appreciate their warm welcome, pausing to drink the famous and typical Ararat Brandy with them, a perfect way to participate and toast to the culture of this wonderful land. You will discover that the true luxury of this country is enclosed in its precious traditions, the soul of this ancient and suggestive land.

For these reasons, the tour of Armenia can only start from its capital, Yeravan, located at almost 1000 meters above sea level and crossed by the Hrazdan river, from where it is possible to admire the snowy peak of Mount Ararat: a spectacle that, we assure you, is priceless! Indeed, Yerevan is a city where ancient and new architectures, but also religions, come together: a few steps from the amazing Cathedral of Saint Gregory there is in fact the Blue Mosque, remarkable for its beautiful mosaics that decorate the dome and walls.

Blue Mosque in Yerevan. Built in 1766 in Ottoman-Persian period, Armenia

The true beauty of Armenia is certainly the landscape. You cannot help but appreciate the arid simplicity of an area dotted with ancient monasteries that bring peace and tranquility to every visitor. The most suggestive? Definitely the Geghard Monastery, founded in the fourth century by Saint Gregory the Illuminator. An archaeological complex that has become a UNESCO heritage site, the core was built inside a cave where there is an ancient water source.

It is believed that for this reason the original name of the monastery was Ayrivank, which means “the monastery of the cave”. The current name instead means “the monastery of the spear”, with reference to the spear that pierced Christ, brought to Armenia according to the legend by the apostle Thaddeus and preserved in the monastery together with many other relics.

Why not get lost walking on the shores of Lake Sevan or at the gates of the romantic city of Gyumri? Not to mention the possibility of full immersion Yoga experience in nature between history, art and culture. On the other hand, even the smallest things in this country become unforgettable experiences.

Armenia is the ideal place for those who also want to live intense culinary experiences and love the strong flavor of meat. As a matter of fact, the typical dishes such as dolma, delicious vine leaf rolls stuffed with rice and lamb meat, or the sheep stew with spiced rice, accompanied by the delicious Karas wine produced in the Armavir region, are definitely worth trying. More than enough space is reserved for food and wine lovers and tradition: lavash, tolma, gata, wine, dances and music are the strong points of Armenian culture. has thus led you to the discovery of an unexpected and suggestive destination and will meet you next week to reveal the second destination to give life to your epic travel, the trend for this 2020, and guide you on a new journey made of places to visit, experiences to live and emotions to try.