Eritrea: travelling to the heart of the Horn of Africa

Mysterious Eritrea is an authentic and genuine land, made unique by its incredible geographical climatic and environmental variety and by the presence of nine ethnic groups that populate it. We can consider this extraordinary country relatively young, born, just over 25 years ago (1993) after a heroic and bloody Liberation War from the neighboring Ethiopia.

Aerial panoramic view to Filfil rainforest in Eritrea

Last week, we guided you on a unique and unrepeatable journey to discover Armenia making you appreciate a magical land full of epic and evocative experiences. Are you ready to experience new strong emotions? takes you to the heart of the Horn of Africa, Eritrea, the second of four fascinating destinations designed for your Epic Travels.

The history of this reality, influenced by the Italy of the 30s and 40s, will make your travel experience unique. You will almost feel like living a dejavu walking through the streets of these cities, where you can admire Italian banners and signs and drink an espresso with the locals.

Asmara, the capital

The main destination of this land is certainly Asmara, the capital, a real treasure of mid-century modernist architecture. Located at 2,400 meters above sea level, this city will enchant you with its deep African soul enclosed in an Italian architectural skeleton. Various ethnic groups and religious cults coexist, so you can indulge yourself in initially visiting the Great Mosque, then the Orthodox Cathedral and finally the Catholic Cathedral.

Asmara , the Capital

Eritrean Railway, an extraordinary work of Italian engineering

The main attraction is definitely the Eritrean Railway, an extraordinary work of Italian engineering which connects the Asmara plateau to Massaua, a torrid ghost port city, with a clear Arab imprint, that has unfortunately lost most of its architectural beauty following the bombing suffered by the Ethiopians during the conflict of the last century. Its locomotive starts only by reservation and is an itinerary that we strongly recommend here at to appreciate the wonderful landscapes that will guide you on an emotional journey from the mountains to the sea.

Yes, we really said sea! From the port of Massaua it is indeed possible and necessary to reach the Archipelago of the Dahlak Islands. These are 126 between sandy islets and rocks emerged in the southern Red Sea channel, where sparse local communities live. The real wealth of these islands is the sea: crystal clear and unspoiled. An affirmed natural reserve, the rare and extraordinary ecosystem of these islands is dotted with coral formations and ancient ruins that would make even the most experienced diver go crazy with joy.

The inhabitants of the exotic archipelago are said to be different from the people who live on the continent. It must be for this sense of distance, of happy estrangement, or the tenacity that distinguishes those who clash with the forces of nature every day. But in any case, the entirety of Eritrea is, above all, made by its inhabitants, their culture and their genuineness.

Let yourself be enchanted by Eritrea, here at we’ll meet you next week to explore the third seductive stage of our tour together, discovering epic destinations that we are sure will stay in your heart.