Bangkok: a perfect destination for a roaring New Year’s Eve

Here we are with a new appointment for’s journey to discover the most beautiful destinations for your travels. In the last articles we talked about Christmas, one of the most beautiful holidays of the year, taking you to the best markets in Europe. For this new article, let’s move to another long-awaited holiday: the arrival of the new year! For the occasion, has selected some of the most trendy destinations to celebrate New Year’s Eve 2020. We fly to Bangkok: the wonderful eastern metropolis that will let you live a truly unique and unforgettable experience and begin the new year in a great way! You are ready? Let’s begin our journey.

Atmosphere Wat Arun in New Year's Eve
Atmosphere Wat Arun in New Year’s Eve

The visit of this city in a time like New Year’s will allow you to immerse yourself in a special party atmosphere. There are numerous events organized in every corner of the city suitable for all types of celebrations, from elegant to disco parties, night markets and classic fireworks. has selected some of the main events you can attend. Let’s take a look at them in detail!

We begin our review with an event for those who love spending New Year’s on the streets, we are talking about Central World, one of the largest shopping malls in Bangkok that turns into a stage for music and shows on New Year’s Eve. A night animated by dancing, live concerts and DJ sets ready to make you dance until late. You can also dine in the restaurants of the center or the various markets scattered around the square and as soon as the clock hits midnight, you can look up to the sky and admire the beautiful fireworks that will illuminate Bangkok leaving you with a breathtaking spectacle. But don’t forget the typical glasses with bright colors and immerse yourself in the fantastic party atmosphere that surrounds the city.

The Royal City Avenue, Bangkok
The Royal City Avenue, Bangkok

Younger ones and party-goers can instead opt for the RCA area, the Royal City Avenue, famous for the many discos and pubs. Are you curious to know the peculiarities of this area? We will reveal them to you immediately! Each restaurant offers a different musical genre, with theme parties that will make your New Year special! Pajama parties, 60s parties and many more await you to welcome this new year in the best possible way.

But that’s not all! Nothing is missing in Bangkok: from free parties to exclusive ones, a city that surprises in every corner. Precisely for this reason also offers a selection of holidays among the many alternatives, like a particular evening organized annually by Maggie Choo’s. A very elegant and refined location that, for the whole year, entertains its visitors with jazz and electronic music. All you have to do is get carried away by the euphoria of the countdown and at the stroke of midnight unleash yourself with the music selected by DJs that will liven up the evening.

Finally, offers an ad hoc experience for the most romantic: a beautiful cruise on the Chao Phraya river to admire from another perspective monuments such as the Grand Royal Palace, former residence of the royal family where some of the most important ceremonies are still performed to this day, and numerous temples such as the Wat Aruma, considered the “temple of the Dawn” thanks to the warm light that illuminates it at sunset. This experience is also made unique by its location! Are you wondering why? We’ll tell you immediately! This cruise in fact takes place on one of the typical Thai boats: an ancient teak rice boat. Enjoy the dinner offered on board and delight yourself with the typical specialties of Thai cuisine.

Damnoen Saduak Floating Market

After giving in to the festivities, treat yourself to a visit of the city to fully immerse yourself in the atmosphere of this beautiful land. Among the attractions you shouldn’t miss the Damnoen Saduak. A typical Thai market set in a picturesque setting that allows you to fully experience the local everyday life, which over time has become an unmissable attraction thanks to an unusual feature: it is a floating market! So, if you don’t want to miss the chance to try a unique experience, visit it aboard the typical Thai boat.

Today’s appointment ends here, but our journey on waiting for the 2020 New Year continues. Keep following us to discover another destination to welcome the new year in the best possible way!