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The most beautiful Atolls for your holiday in the Maldives

Here we are with a new appointment for‘s journey to the destinations that will allow you to spend your Christmas holidays nice and warm. A “different” Christmas is an idea that everyone takes on sooner or later, so why not take advantage of our advice? has chosen a second, very coveted, destination present in every traveler’s dreams: the wonderful Maldivian archipelago. On the other hand, who does not dream of flying to this earthly paradise composed of atolls and being cuddled by the sound of the sea? All that remains is to start our journey.

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Islands of white beaches, crystal clear sea, temperatures around 28 degrees, December is the perfect month to go to the Maldives, a time in which the dry season begins and therefore the climate reaches the right warmth that will allow you to relax in what will be a dream vacation!

Did you know that according to a popular legend the atolls of the Maldives were born from the tears of God? It is said, in fact, that “God, seeing the beauty of the world, started crying. His tears became this heaven on earth”. A real paradise full of declarations of its beauty. Let’s see them in detail!

school of yellow Snapper Lutjanidae while diving maldives

We begin the review of the most beautiful atolls of the Maldivian archipelago with Ari: 89 kilometers, 50 islands of pure earthly paradise to dive in and admire the immense coral reef of this territory. Among the places that can be reached in this atoll we find Kudafolhudhoo, Maayafushi and Rangali, but if you want to live unique experiences you will have to go to Ari Sud and in particular to Dhidhdhoo Beyru. Going here you will have the chance to spot the whale shark which is considered the largest fish in the world.

In second place among the most beautiful atolls is the one of South Malé composed of 37 islands of which 17 are very well known for the presence of coral reefs inhabited by rare and colored fish. Within this atoll there is also the island of Maafushi among the cheapest in the archipelago and therefore very touristy. But despite this it remains one of the optimal destinations for independent travelers as it is full of resorts suitable for every pocket.

The third atoll considered among the most beautiful is that of North Malé, which also consists of 50 islands where it is possible to find some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Immense white sand beaches and crystal clear sea make this atoll gifted with extraordinary beauty. From the tourist point of view this is the most exploited atoll, especially the island of Kurumba with its houses immersed in palm trees and the island of Furanafushi with its bungalows on stilts. This atoll is quite known for activities such as surfing. For this reason it is one of the many reference points for all surf lovers who can enjoy the waves offered by the sea that surrounds it.

Finally, we conclude the review with the last but no less important atoll, Baa considered a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a Biosphere World Reserve since 2011. This atoll is characterized by stunning coral reefs, especially those located to the east and north. But the most beautiful corner of the Baa atoll is Hanifaru Huraa, a protected marine area that is a UNESCO heritage site. If you love snorkeling surrounded by manta rays and whale sharks then this island is your perfect destination!

Well, after exploring some of the many atolls that make up the Maldivian archipelago, all that remains is to discover the main Christmas traditions typical of this tropical paradise. Despite being a country with a predominance of Muslims, there are also many Christians who celebrate Christmas. From the houses decorated to the long festive processions that run between the houses, knocking at the doors, dancing, bodu beu and bandiya.

But what happens especially on Christmas day? This is considered the festival of colors and for this reason it becomes mandatory to wear new garments with bright colors. A tradition full of joy that also involves tourists that can buy the traditional saris in the various shops of the islands. But that’s not all! In the afternoon of December 25th you can totally immerse yourself in the Maldivian tradition. It is precisely this afternoon that the beaches of the various islands are tinged with joy and celebration through group games organized to happily conclude this magical party.

Today’s appointment with ends here. Which of the four atolls intrigued you the most? The Maldives represent a land that will allow you to live unique experiences immersed in uncontaminated nature: a true heritage of humanity. wishes you a merry Christmas and sets the appointment for 2020 with many new trips to take!

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