Tulum: a land to be discovered for a warm Christmas

Welcome back to a new appointment with sostravel.com, in the last article we left you with a journey to discover New York and experience a magical New Year’s in the Big Apple. Now it’s time to start a new journey! How many of you dream of escaping from the cold and spending the Christmas and New Year holidays in a warm place diving into the crystal clear waters? Sostravel.com will accompany you on a journey dedicated to the destinations that will allow you to spend your holidays in a warm atmosphere. Besides, who doesn’t love the beach during the winter? The first destination chosen for this new journey is Mexico with its turquoise waters and soft white sand beaches. Let’s start!

Mexican Coast, Cancun

Mexico has always been one of the favorite destinations for all the lovers of sea and relax but at the same time it is one of the lands where history can be found anywhere between rocks, leaves and streams that populate Mexico. For this reason sostravel.com has chosen Tulum for you, a destination that allows you to get in touch with the culture of the place and discover customs and traditions related to Christmas and why not, discover some secrets of the fascinating Mayan civilization in Mexico.

Ruins of Tulum, Mexico and a palm tree overlooking the Caribbean Sea in the Riviera Maya

Tulum is a city located on the Mayan Riviera, in the Yucatàn peninsula, made of ruins that overlook the sea, beaches of candied sand and turquoise waters: an unmissable destination for holidays on Mexican soil. The visit of this city and its ruins will allow you to be protagonists of an unforgettable experience. But what are the main places of interest to visit? Let’s see them in detail!

The first obligatory stop to discover the secrets of the history of the Mexican people is the Mayan archaeological site that rises on the coast overlooking the sea. The most important building of this archaeological complex is el Castillo which represented a defensive structure positioned in a small cove from which the Maya sighted enemy ships thanks to its strategic position on the Caribbean Sea. But what is the mystery that surrounds this archaeological park? According to some finds that came to light over the years, many human sacrifices were made in these locations. Another place that deserves to be visited is the Temple of the Descending God which testifies to the great constructive abilities of this population. In fact, this building has an extraordinary architectural structure: an inverted pyramid! As we told you, Tulum is a city that offers a variety of places of interest and many, many beaches. So don’t worry. After a visit to the mysterious Mayan culture, it’s time to relax in the crystal clear beaches of this city. The main ones? Let’s find out together!

Ancient Mayan ruins at Tulum in the Quintana Roo State of Mexico

The beaches of Tulum are considered among the most beautiful in the world and their true characteristic is the contrast of colors: the white of the sand, the bright green of the Caribbean nature and a sea with turquoise and emerald tones. Among the most beautiful beaches we find the Half Moon Bay, a stretch of soft sand with a perfect crescent shape known for the possibility of practicing activities such as snorkeling and kayaking. In second place we find the Chan Yu Yum beach, a small sheltered bay protected from the winds characterized by some rocky parts that emerge from the sea and from a vegetation that extends to the beach. In third place among the most beautiful beaches we find the Akumal Bay, small but so beautiful it resembles a postcard. Well, if you choose Tulum for sure you will be extremely satisfied with the sea offered by this land.

Pinatas in a traditional market in Mexico

Today’s appointment ends here. Sostravel.com has chosen Mexico for you as a place to spend the Christmas holidays in the heat! Visiting this country during this period will allow you to get in touch with a culture and customs that are very distant from our own. It is no wonder that today it is a country rich in history and culture and suitable for every type of visitor: from kids looking for sun and crystal clear seas to couples or families! sostravel.com sets the appointment for next week with a new article and a new destination. Where will we take you? Keep following us to find out!