Flight Tracker

The exclusive service that allows you to have all the information on your flight just a click away. The Digital Concierge will update you in real time on the status of your flight: from boarding to any delays or gate changes.

Search for your flight

Check in

Enter your boarding pass

Follow the opening and closing of check-in and boarding

Share your itinerary with who is waiting or thinking of you

Calculate the time to reach the airport and leave!

Flight delayed? Know your rights

Airport Info

Select your airport and experience it with all the information you need.
You will be able to discover the nearest parking lot for your car and the waiting time for the airport; restaurants, shops and much more where you can wait for your flight and relax!

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Lost Luggage Concierge

The safety of your luggage is no longer an issue! With our Lost Luggage Concierge service we will take care of your luggage.

Take a picture of your suitcase and upload it in your app.

Enter all the required information and associate it with your flight: from that moment your suitcase is protected!

Our 24/7 customer care in 6 languages will provide you with real-time assistance in locating and moving your luggage.

You checked-in bag returned within only 24hrs or you get paid:

Health Travel Insurance

With our Health Insurance service, your safety comes first. Fill out the form and you will receive insurance coverage designed especially for you and your needs.

Medical Expenses

Hospital Expenses

Family assistance at home

Home assistance