Leave your worries on the ground, enjoy your journey.

Buy the service now, associate your flight, protect your luggage and leave without any worries.

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Lost Luggage Concierge

Fly in peace without worrying about luggage. Thanks to our 24/7 Customer Service, you will have guaranteed assistance on tracking your suitcase and *refund in the event of loss and delivery delay.

One App, all the features

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Airport Info

Park nearby, skip the line at security checks and comfortably wait for your boarding in the VIP lounge area of your airport.

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Flight Tracker

Stay up to date on the status of your flight and share the itinerary with whoever you want. Pair your flight, protect your luggage and travel safely.

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Lost luggage Concierge

We guarantee a *refund in case of loss and delivery delay. 24/7 guaranteed assistance.

Register your flight, protect your luggage, travel safe. That’s why:

  • up to 100€ per day from 25th hour
  • up to 1000€ in case of delayed delivery
  • up to 4000€ n case of permanent loss